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Women Who Sail

Going south to Mooloolaba we wanted suggestions for anchorages and internet cover. I got them within a couple of days and we planned our route accordingly. Several sailors said they were doing the same trip, around the same time, so  we will  look out for each other. Which is comforting. A thread started on how many of us lived aboard, the answers were awesome, from a few days... read more

John and Dargonfly

John is an affable man, all ways ready with a joke or funny story, often of his own exploits. He lives on board Dragonfly, a North Shore 38 foot monohull he bought in Sydney and sailed up the coast. Her average cruising sped is 7 knots, and there is a 29 horse power Yanma for backup. John enjoys racing and has competed at Magnetic Island and Port Douglas race weeks, and races most Wednesday... read more

Airlie Beach 10th October

  We are  still off Airlie Beach, we are just waiting to hear if Dave has to go to America for a week or two. We joined John at Capers for sundowners and dinner, and we are back on board watching the sunset, feeling very relaxed. The wind has dropped away, the sea is calm, and the sun is setting behind the  grey hills, turning the sky a delicate  apricot... read more

Airlie Beach 5th October

High winds for the next week have made us hightail it back to Airlie, where we have shelter, food, internet, and because John and Dragonfly are here, entertainment! We are not getting the internet coverage we need to keep us in touch with the world, so we have now bought a Telstra modem to go with our 2 Virgins and Vodaphone. Hopefully between them all we will be covered as we go down the... read more

Ken and Rhonda Mystique and Shag Islet Sailing Club

  We has heard about the fabulous Shag Islet Yacht Club, it is famous in yachting circles. We were surprised when a friendly yachtie chatted to us as he passed our boat in Airlie Mariner turned out to be Ken and Rhonda, the founders of the famous club. We had sundowners with them, and were impressed   with how much they had achieved in 7 years. Ken was snubbed at a yacht... read more

Sandy and Tony on Electric Dreams

Tony has been building boats since he was 12 years old. His first one was made from a couple of pieces of corrugated iron, with a sheet for a sale. Over the years the boats became larger and faster, culminating in a catamaran he and Sandy modified to make their comfortable home. Tony was the Director for the ABC in the Northern Territory and Sandy a   primary school teacher. They... read more

Chance Bay 2nd October

  Chance Bay 2nd October Internet and phone sporadic. Water visibility good Coral and fish disappointing.   Passing Hamilton Island we were struck by how ugly the high-rise hotels were; however did they get permission to build them on this beautiful island? We followed Electric Dreams Into Chance Bay, a series of sheltered sandy bays surrounded by tree covered... read more

Beach 25 1st October

 Beach 25 1st October My toilet has stopped working, so we spent the morning getting exactly the same toilet to replace it. We did think about buying just a new macerator pump , but that would be a fiddly job that might leak. So replacing the whole thing was something Dave could do, but it took most of the day. I woke up at 6 to find a strange sight, the marina was covered in mist.... read more

Whitehaven Beach 28th September

An early start bought us to Tongue Bay at 8, only just ahead of the swarm of tourists arriving for the day. We climbed up to the lookout point and saw the stunning white sands and blue waters of Whitehaven below us. It was high tide so the covered sand banks made artistic swirls in the estuary giving me inspiration for my next painting.     Then the crowds joined us... read more

Cid  27th September

Cid  27th September Cid is a picturesque island it surrounded by other islands and  has several bays with sandy shores. We took the dinghy to the camping ground and walked along the track through to Sawmill Beach. Even at 4 o’clock it was still hot and humid, but much cooler in the shade of the trees. We were going to have sundowners on the beach, but several very persistent... read more

Sheltered in Nara

Our son Grant has arrived to stay a few days, and the weather changed immediately from calm to very strong winds. So we wont be able to go out to the reef, as we had planned. We had the roughest night at anchor outside the sailing club, in a strong northerly. The most sheltered place to be is Nara inlet, so the next day we had a wonderful sail over there, and anchored at the far end. We... read more

Splashing In the Mud

  Someone untied our dinghy from the jetty off Airlie Sailing Club last night. Can you imagine the feeling of panic when we  came back at dusk and saw it wasn’t there !There were so many dinghies tied our that our cable and lock could not reach the jetty, so we just hitched it to a cleat. Luckily someone had seen it drifting off, and kindly returned it to us. Apparently this is... read more

Airlie Beach

Arrived at Airlie Beach and anchored outside the sailing club. The wind died down, but the weather has been cloudy with showers most days. Bur we have restaurants shops and Wi-Fi, and even a few television channels, so we are quite happy here for a while. We stopped to listen to some music at the sailing club and heard a talk from Wendy Green who owned Rogan Josh, the horse that won the... read more

Gloucester Island, Whitsundays 5th September

Gloucester Island, Whitsundays 5th September Internet-only Virgin. No Vodaphone Phone-breaks up, they can only hear half of what is being said Use of bar and restaurant, washing machine, and swimming pool.   We are spending a few days moored of Gloucester Island Eco Lodge, next door to Monties of Shag Island Yacht club fame. The yacht club was started by someone who was... read more

Whale Song

Even though we were keeping a lookout forward we almost hit a whale!! We missed it by no more than ten feet, and as we were doing over seven knots, neither of us would have fared from the encounter. It was fast asleep on the surface, but in the choppy seas very hard to see. I put out a securite  alert on the VHF for those boats following behind us.   We arrived at Cape Upstart... read more