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Bundaberg 9th November

  Excellent internet To busy parting to check out tv! We were both really tired last night, and went to bed t 8.30, so we were awake at 4 up, just as the sky was getting light. At 5, 6 people were starting their engines, hoisting sails and pulling up at anchors, almost as if an alarm had alerted everyone at the same time, we all had decided it was light enough to see the buoys... read more

Pancake Creek 8th November

Good internet, Virgin and Telstrsa Phone intermitent  We left at 5 am with only 4 knots of wind. This was surprising because a gale howled all night! We sailed with the wind behind us, which is such a treat! It strengthen during the day again and was up to 20 knots just when we didn’t need it again! It was strange to see about 10 huge ships at anchor outside Gladstone,... read more

Long beach Keppel

  Internet intermittent No phone reception After a few days in port at the very friendly marina, we decided to  Keppel. We only decided at lunchtime, but it’s only two hours away so didnt  matter that we were leaving that late. What did the matter is that the wind strengthened during the day, and when we left it was blowing 12 knots, on the sail over... read more

Things I have experienced living on board for 4 years.

  I have lived surrounded by the beauty of nature, living with the rhythms of the tides, wind and sun. Rising at first light, I have seen the sunrise, and heard the birds waking calls.  I’ve greeted each morning with excitement, wondering what this new day will bring.  I’ve caught fish, and picked delicious oysters, and eaten them straight off the rocks, relishing... read more

Yappoon 2nd October.

   Our lovely friend Henry, who used to be our neighbour in Townsville, is coming to out marina today, so we met him for a coffee this morning, and introduced Dennis and Edie to him, before they sail away. He doesn’t come here very often, so we were lucky to meet. Henty’s delightful son James joined us for a drink this afternoon, and his friend Graham, a... read more

Island Head Point 1st November

  Another 5 am start as there was a northerly wind we wanted to catch, but it was very light, and sailing was disappointing. It was a long day motoring most of the way, with very little wind. Island Head Point was worth it, what a beautiful place! Rolling hills and bay after bay of golden sand. According to out guide book there is good crabbing and oysters here as well. You could... read more

Middle Percy 29th October

  No internet Sand flies at dusk.   A more leisurely 8 oclock start to day. Dennis kindly bought us a huge slab of the Spanish Mackerel he caught. We fried some for lunch and even though it had been sitting in the fridge for 3 days, it was absolutely delicious! It bears no resemblance to what we have bought ‘fresh’ in shops. So now we have decided to start... read more

Curlew 28th October

  Internet-intermittent Water clear but strong current. No March flies   We got dressed under out red night lights, so we wouldn’t spoil our night vision, at 3.30 am. We called Dennis at 4, to find that they had fallen asleep again, and wouldn’t be ready for another half hour! We spent the time making sure every cupboard is shut and everything put away... read more

Scawfell Island 24th October

  No internet, phone or tv. No March flies. Midges or mozzies Clear water, a good reef, and fish.   There are very strong SE winds coming in, so we sailed to Scawfell leaving at 5am while there were still light northerlies. Sailing around Brampton we were struck how diverse it’s beauty is, this sie has conifer trees and small coves. We passed many islands on... read more

Happy birthday Dave 21st October

  The wind was blowing strongly, and in the wrong direction, so we have all decided to stay another day on Brampton. You wont believe it, but after being away for 2 days, our feathered friends are back!! Where they watching to see how long we would stay here, or had it taken 2 days to find us again? Good thing we hadn’t thrown the nest out!! We picked up Edie and Denis and... read more

Brampton Island 20th October

    No March flies, midges or mozzies!! With the tide with us this morning, we shot through the channel at a speedy 7 knots with the engine at low revs.  We arrived at 2pm after a good sail with 15 knots of wind, and  rolly waves. We passed several islands, some very beautiful. This island has a rocky shore, with interspersed with patches of sand. There... read more

Whitehaven 19 October

  No internet, television or cell phone coverage Water murky.. Less March flies, no  flies or mozzies. A few midges dawn and dusk.   So as not to have a repeat of yesterdays struggle against the tide, we left at 5 am, with the moon above us. It was a beautiful sunrise ahead of us with Terrulian  sailing in the middle . We  sailed  close to... read more

Turtle Bay

  No internet at the beach end. Had it along the coast until we turned left into Whitehaven. Even putting modem up the mast didn’t help. Phone reception the same. No television Due to needing the internet for work, we left Beach 25 at the wrong time of the tide. Being only a couple of days after the full moon, the tides were still quite extreme and coming through the... read more


We have 2 stowaways! We have noticed 2 robins often flying around the boat trying to nest ever since we bought Jazz Cat. We assumed that each time we anchor birds tried to nest, and when we left, they returned to land. We now realise it is the same pair of birds! They have the same red breast as the English Robin, but look, and fly acrobatically, like swifts. They have built a... read more

Attack of the killer flies

      We have left Airlie after over a month of sailing the area, in the company of Dennis and Edie on Tellurian. Dennis has sailed between Port Douglas and Sydney many times, so it is good to have  him near us. And he is good at catching fish! We had some last  minute shopping to do, so didn’t leave until 11, on a light northerly, barely filling... read more