Woodford Folk Festival


Woodford is the southern hemispheres answer to Glastonbury, but set in forested hills deep in the countryside.

There is a huge variety of music, blues, rock, jazz, country, folk and international styles. But it is also comedy, circus, dance, art, yoga, tai chi, lantern making and so much more. Every minute of the day there are so many choices to make, do I take the Persian dance class, listen to a great band, learn to walk a tight rope or buy some food from one of the kiosks selling such a wide variety of delicious foods?

I didn’t take my camera, so these are Grant’s photos.

There is art work and  huge bamboo constructions around the site..It is strange to think all this will be dismantled at the end of the week!




The bands are outstanding and of the highest quality. My favourite were Hot Potatoes, 10 men playing mainly brass instruments with 3 percussionists who also managed to dance and fool around whilst playing great music.


One of the saxophone players ran from the back to the front of the stage and leapt onto the floor!

The younger generation only seems to have2 main dancing styles. The first is just leaping on the spot like Masai warriors, but with more arm waving. The other is a squirming gyration, as if they were trying to dislodge their knickers from their bums, without touching them, without any regrd to the rythmn being played!

I admire anyone who gets up to dance and think it’s great, but some efforts are extremely amusing. I am sure some of them look at me and think I am far too old to be on a dance floor, but like them, I don’t care!!

The choice of clothes worn was also very interesting. Some had fancy -dress, pirates and fairies were very popular. As it was hot,30C, and humid, most wore shorts and t-shirts, or cotton dresses, but a few wore jeans, and  one girl was wearing fur Ug boots!!

We left at 9, danced out and dehydrated, but feeling we really got out moneys worth!

Cheryl suggested that we had a barbecue on the club lawn last night, so we loaded up with steak, chops and salad and sat under a shady tree, cooking our food.



We had an unexpected guest join us, a water dragon.



It was different seeing the marina form another perspective, and very enjoyable. We will most defiantly do it again.

New Years Eve tonight, Dave and I are playing with Leigh, Ken and Cam as the opening act for the evenings entertainment.