Catamarans have trampolines in the bow so when the nose goes under the water it sheds the water through the nets. The existing ones were beginning to deteriorate, we had repaired and patched them. The last straw was when we were taking a sail out of the front locker and our son, Grant put his foot right through the net! We decided on Ferri material this time, which looks fantastic and feels very secure to walk on. Unfortunately the man making them didn’t realize that there was a right and wrong side to the material and made one of each. I pointed  out that side had texture on to give a bit of grip, the other was smooth and when wet would have been very slippery indeed. He was not happy, and said he had done it like this for years, which doesn't t mean he was doing it right for all those years!! He then had to order more material and remake it. It was more expensive then netting, but it looks so good it was well worth it. In the photo you can see the patches on the old trampoline on the left, and the new one waiting to be tightened, on the right.