Tilt Train To Townsville



We needed to go back to Townsville to pick the car up and catch up with friends there. We looked at all the options, flying from Brisbane, one way car hire, and Greyhound bus. All worked out about the same price, but the train was the most convenient.

We went mad and paid a bit extra  for seats that changed to beds, as it was an overnight journey.

Trip advisor reviews were mixed, so we expected the worst.

A bus picked us up from Hervey Bay to take us to Marybourgh for the train.

I was one of those perfect sunsets that lasted the whole journey; orange red sky with the blue gums silhouetted black against it.

On my other side the silver supermoon was trying to break through the clouds. East and west, yin and yang-a stunningly beautiful way to start our travels.

The Spirit of Queensland is a high speed tilt train, and exceeded my expectations. The pods are reminiscent of business class planes. The staff exceptionally helpful and friendly.

It was a ver pleasant way to travel and we awoke refreshed.

Wayne kindly picked us up and we spent the afternoon lazing around and swimming in the pool at their beautiful home.

We had a lively dinner with Liz and Wayne who are charming and generous hosts.

Not wishing to impose we spent the next night at our favourite Townsville hotel-Oakes on Palmer. There are 2 hotels on the same street, with the same name, we prefer the one further away from town.



We had lunch with Peter, then dinner at Royden and Janet’s apartment, and were joined by Ted and Caroline.

We talked about many things, including death. Royden said he would like to die his grandfather did, peacefully in hi sleep, not like his screaming, shouting and crying passengers!!

Then we compared snake stories, and what to do in a close encounter. Some snakes you stand still, and they ignore you, others will chase you . I contributed my story of he beautiful copper coloured taipan coming for me, and the boys on the beach. He was so beautiful and moved so hypnotically across the rocks towards us, I was mesmerised, and it was Lee who suggested we moved. and I snapped out of my reverie and we ran.

Ted told us that he had been walking in the bush with a friend and disturbed a tiger snake. The pair of them ran back to their car and slammed the door, but the snake slithered after them and attacked their tyres furiously. When they checked them later the tyres were covered in little puncture mark and venom!

Janet described the Leonardo Da Vinci exhibition she had been to. He has always been one of my heroes, and definitely a guest at my fantasy dinner party! He was so handsome and so exquisitely dressed, people lined the street to catch sight of him on his walk to work in the morning!

Apart from his amazing paintings and drawings, his anatomy dissections, his inventions, his town planning, marsh draining ,and dinner party organising, he trained his eyesight to be so good he, allegedly, could see the stars in the daytime!

The exhibiton had models of many of his inventions, and let the public interact with them. I must try and see it somewhere else.

We left at 5 am the following morning to drive back to thee boat, which will take about 14 hours, and we will try to do in one day.

It was one of the best drives we have done on this stretch of road, ususally it is cursed with road reapirs every few miles, but they seem to be almost finished, at last.

Because of the severe earthquakes in New  Zealand Lee and family have fled to Australia and are waiting for us in Hervey Bay, so we are cutting our stay short and heading back south.