The Ice Bar

We had an a delicious lunch beside the lake today, then went to the Ice Bar. This was inspired by the ice hotel in Sweden, that is built each winter, and melts in the spring.

We were given heavy jackets and fur boots and taken into  pine lined room for our briefing. We were told it was a bit colder than the usual -6C, more like –9C, and we were allowed to touch the ice, but had to hold the ice glasses very carefully as they were slippery.

Then the door opened and the cold hit us, so much colder than the 2C outside!

The walls were made from ice bricks, the seats and tables were ice, with reindeer skins to sit on, and ice sculptures everywhere.

The lighting changed colour behind the ice, which reflected off the wall, changing the atmosphere of the room.

We took some photos, stayed five minutes and left, it was just too cold to be enjoyable. The receptionist said when she went with her friends they often stayed for seven hours!!