The Cat On the Cat


Masey is Grant’s and Cheryl’s cat, they brought her with them because it was going to cost $400 to send her to a cattery for 2 weeks!!

That was the same price as her airfare from Melbourne to Maroochydore, so they decided to bring her.

Most of the time she is very sweet, but she does not like to be picked up or carried, and will slash and spit! Masey isn’t the sort of cat to curl up on your lap, like all of mine did. I am not sure she even likes being stroked. She was found abandoned, only 4 weeks old, poor little thing.

She doesn’t like going out on deck much, only if Grant or Cheryl are out there, and she hasn’t tried to run away.

She did accidently get locked out on deck one evening, and spent the night curled up next to their window. She looked very cross the next morning!!

Any open cupboard she sees and she will try to squeeze in, her curiosity knows no limits!



She sleeps in the marital bed at her owner’s feet. They are away on the gold Coast for a couple of days, I wonder if she will want to sleep with us?