Supermoon Madness 14th November

What a terrible night! We watched a live stream of earthquakes in New Zealand, every couple of minutes another one was reported. Many of them were in the ‘severe’ category. and both the North and South island were effected.

Other countries were also hit, Argentina, Puerto Rico, New Guinea and Japan.

This is the closest the moon has been to the earth in 68 years, and it is wreaking havoc and destruction. The tides are super high, there are huge storms in Brisbane, and bushfires in Sydney!

There is at least another couple of nights still to go of this. I thought that the quakes would have died down during the day, when the moon was the other side of the world, but no, there are still some big ones.

 These could take weeks to die out, but maybe then that will be the end of them for another 60 years!