Snow Farm August 2016


I love cross country, Nordic skiing; I don’t do so well on a snow board. We had several wonderful skiing holidays with our Swedish and Norwegian friends .The last one was about thirty years ago.

Dave isn’t quite so keen, and is more concerned about breaking something. We  extended our stay down in Queenstown so that Lee can  could join Grant  heli boarding. A helicopter will take them up into the mountains so they can ski off piste, pick them up at the bottom, and  take them to a different area so they are skiing on virgin snow.

There is a danger of starting an avalanche, so they wear a beacon at all times. I never had to worry about them so much when we lived in England!

Dave needed to rest his brain from the stress of thinking about the work he is doing, so he agreed that he would take me to Cadrona to the cross-country ski field, but told me he would not ski, but just watch.

This was most generous of him, because it is a difficult, steep, winding road going over the mountains. There was snow on the ground, and we were not sure we would get over the top, even though we had a four -wheel drive and chains.

The views were awesome, beautiful mountains, bright white new snow, and blue skies.


When we arrived at the resort it was zero degrees, but the sun was shining, and there wasn’t any wind, so I was warm enough.

I got my skis on, and promptly fell flat on my bottom, most embarrassing! Sensing there might be more occasions to laugh at me Dave decided he would try snowshoes, and keep me company after all. But they kept falling off so he went back, and I  carried on.



Unknown to me he swapped his shoes for skis, and had a great time after all.

We had to switch hotels and are staying at the Millennium, which does not have the views we had, but does have a bath, which should help our poor muscles.

Just heard our sons got gown the mountains safely, cant wait to hear about their day.