Sandy Straights 24th November


Internet- good

A few pesky bushflies, and mozzies


We left at 7 to catch the tide intending to go to Gary’s Landing for the night. It wasn’t too hard to find our way between the sandbanks to the main channel from the port, but then it all got rather tricky!

There was absolutely no wind or waves!! It’s not often this happens, so we might go all the way to Pelican bay, the gathering place before the onslaught on the bar.



Moor R and R will be there tonight as well.

We changed our minds a couple of hours later!

It was a long torturous day weaving our way through the sand bars, watching the depth constantly. The depth fluctuated wildly, 10 metres only a few feet from the shore, then half a metre in the middle of the channel!

Maybe next time we will go around the outside of Frasier Island, though a fisherman drowned  there last week, and we had a securite warning today that another fishing boat had been wrecked! I didn’t realise how large the island was, we spent the whole day sailing past it, and will some of tomorrow as well.

It’s was very picturesque going down the channel dotted with islands and sandy beaches. Numerous sandbanks poked through the water, others changed the sea colour, submerged under the surface. Clumps of trees grew on sand banks, or straight out of the water. All the surrounding land is very flat, so it wasn’t as striking as going down the Hinchinbrook channel with it’s rolling hills either side.

By the time we reached White Cliffs the tide was getting low, we tried to go further but only had .5 of a metre under us, so we turned back and anchored at White Cliffs, waiting for the tide to rise. We didn’t dare leave it too late because the wind was rising.

The tidal flow is confusing here, it changes the direction it ebbs and flows halfway down the channel. We had it, and the wind with us for a while so made a good 6 knots. The wind was behind us and we would have loved to sail, but the coast guard had warned us not to, as we could have been blown onto a sandbank.

Had another hour of concentration looking for channel markers and checking the depth until we arrived at peaceful Gary’s Landing for the night.