Sam on Blue Horizon

Sam Kazak

Sam has a  40 ft Riviera motor boat called Blue Horizon, with two Caterpillar engines she has a cruising speed of 8 knots When he was 29 he bought the boat after working at the mines. as a welder,and a mechanic, both useful trades when owning a boat!! Making some astute investments Sam is semi -retired., and at 30, he is circumnavigating Australia, then going sailing abroad with a friend . He also want s to travel around Australia on a BMW motorbike.

Samis an avid  fisherman and also dives, so the boat is full of tackle and tanks, he is also a musician and plays great guitar and drums. Playing with Dave and Dennis they have a unique style which is a mixture of Tribal, Latin and Electonica.

A bit of a thrill seeker Sam also has bungee jumped, sky dived and wants to go white water rafting.

Tall, dark and handsome, Sam soft spoken, kind and generous, with a great sense of humour and is a hilarious raconteur, and great fun to be with. He has caught so much delicious fish for us we have enough food for a week or two! The ost delicious was the huge Cod, Dave fried it in garlic and butter and it tasted very much like lobster,. Delicious!