Queenstown 1st August 2016

 We have been to  Queenstown a couple of times in the summer, but never in the winter,.

The town is nestled into the snow covered Southern Alps and around Lake   Wakatipu, The town is well known for it’s adventure sport, this was one of the original bungy jumping sites. In spite of the cold we saw people paragliding on the lake. But mainly it’s the skiing and snow boarding the place is famous for.

The mountain top luge is great fun, and brings out my competitive streak, but Dave has the weight advantage so always wins.


We had a relaxing lunch overlooking the lake, starting with a glass of mulled wine to warm us. The view was breathtaking, the sun reflecting off the water of the lake, the dazzling white mountains, and a blue sky.

We thought we saw some crazy person out on a jet ski, the air temperature was only 2C, so that water must be very cold, even with a wet suit.

The jet ski disappeared under the water, and didn’t come up for several seconds. Then it shot up, nose first, into the air and crashed down. It wasn’t a jet ski, but a shark boat, a combination of a jet ski and a mini submarine!!

The first time we were here we took a jet boat down the Shotover River. What a rush as you shoot down the river at speed, almost touching the rocks, turning tight circles and getting thrown about.

Our jet  boat had some dirty fuel, and the motor stopped, so we landed on a sand back and waited for rescue.

It was interesting to see how the different  nationalities passed the time-the Chinese huddled under a mac, it was lightly raining; the  Germans walked around the island exploring; the Brits found some driftwood and stones and played cricket!

The town is quiet during the day, as most visitors are skiing and snow boarding in the mountains until four, when the pistes are closed. But it comes a live at night.

Unfortunately we have been so busy working on our project we did not take advantage of the sports or the night lie, and have been in bed by 9, and asleep not long after.

But we had dinner with Lee and Grant each night, but they were tired after snow boarding all day. The conditions have been great for them, with fresh powder snow.