Port Dickson, Malaysia

Port Dickson used to produce charcoal then the Britsh developed the port. It is a popular destination for those people living in KL as it has some lovely beaches. In the 1980s it boomed, then collapsed with the Asian finacial crisis, and many buildings stand, unfinished.

Dave had booked us in the marina hotel for a few days, until we sort things out on I Spy.

The hotel is very reminiscent of yesterday’s Raffles, white colonnades, lush tropical planting, and a lovely swimming pool. We decide to upgrade to a room with a view over the harbour, the sea and distant tree covered islands.

A lovely surprise, and about $90 a night.

I have been concerned that the yacht is going to have a mould problem, as it is the rainy season here, and very humid. To our surprise she is fine.

 I Spy is a 50 foot catamaran and very beamy, so spacious inside. Her galley is down, so there is room for two seating areas in the lounge. She has a large cockpit area and two steering positions.

This cat was obviously built for blue water, and can cope with rough weather.

After dinner we meet a couple of live aboard yachties in the bar. Andy has designed his own sleek racing cat, and is from Australia. Stephan has a monohull and is South African. They both work in Singapore, but only go there once a month. They filled us in with details on living here. Andy said that the sailing wasn’t much good, there was one nice bay, but you couldn’t land as it was owned by a resort.

They told us the hotel was originally designed as apartments, but they didn’t sell, so it was turned into a hotel, rather hurriedly and cheaply, so the interior standard doesn’t match up to the outside.

Had an interesting breakfast, this morning, chicken curry, raw cabbage, and fried tofu.. We sat out on the terrace overlooking the harbour, but even at nine in the morning it was getting too hot and humid.

The internet is not good here, there is nothing in the bedroom, only the lobby, which is not air conditioned, so it is hot and humid, and there are a lot of people wandering around, so it is hard to concentrate.

We went into town to buy a local sim card for tethering, so we could work in our room. We needed to show our passports for this, in case we were up to no good!

Dave caught up with his emails in Starbucks, while I wandered around the rather uninspiring market.

I tried on some Indian clothes, but they were all made from polyester or thick cotton, not very comfortable in this climate.

I feel sorry for the traditionally dressed Muslim women wearing headscarfs, dress, with a full -length skirt underneath, all in polyester. And many of them are coping with six children, in this heat!

The town itself looks rather run down, the paint peeling from many of the buildings. A real come down after Singapore!

As I walked past the supermarket side, I passed a little shrine with lighted incense sticks wafting their smoke across the pavement. It was strange sight to see among the cardboard boxes dustbins.

When Dave tried out his new sim card back at the hotel, it wont let him tether, so he has to work from his phone, not his computer. If he can’t sort his internet out we will have to leave and go somewhere else, but we don’t want to let Doug down.

The hotel is much quieter now the week -enders have left. We were just thinking about going for a swim when a hundred teenagers arrive!