Port Dickson 21st January

We were sitting in our hotel room when a huge wind came up from  nowhere! Grey skies, and whitecaps on the waves all in a matter of seconds. Glad we were not out sailing, it would have been hard to get the sails down quickly.

The wind died down after half an hour, and was followed by a torrential downpour, the first we have had on this trip. Considering we are here in Asia during the wet season, we have been very lucky with the weather.

Dave went on board Eye Spy again this morning to give it one last try, we really want to charge the batteries. But still no luck!

We have decided to go to Cambodia  and do some exploring while we are in the area. We think we will cut out trip short and come home early.

Bali is somewhere I have always wanted to visit, so we will spend some time there on the way home.

 I don’t’ believe it!! Last night there was a terrorist alert, there have been bombings in Bali!!

 On the government site it says exercise ‘ a high degree of caution’ and ‘reconsider your need to travel there’.

How’s that for bad timing!!

It is also coming to Chinese New Year, so flights and hotels are going fast, and everything is getting very expensive.

Not sure what we are going to do now.

Spent the whole day online trying to sort something out, getting a bit panicky because flight and hotel prices have gone through the roof with Chinese New Year!

We tried to change our flights to come back early, but it was going to cost an extra $2,000!!!

 So we thought ,if we have to spend that much, let’s spend it in Malaysia and travel  some more.

Vietnam flights are too expensive now, so we have decided to go back to KL after Cambodia, then up to Penang for a couple of weeks, over to Langkawi, then Singapore, Brisbane, Townsville.

We have been eating interesting things for breakfast, tofu, curry,salads as well as fruit. This is not a traditional English breakfast,

We are skipping lunch, working out in the gym, and swimming each day to burn this up!!

I must mention the toilets here in Asia. In the public toilets there is the choice between the old style squatting toilet, [which is actually a very good postion for your body, just rather stressful on your knees,] and the western style toilet seat.

There is also a little shower head beside each toilet.

This is a progression from the traditional bucket of water that was used instead of toilet paper. It was important to always use your left hand, and you always used your right hand to eat food with, especially if you were sharing food!!.

It's actually good to use, once you get used to it. The first few times I wet my clothes and the bathroom floor!

I do love the Japanese toilets we had when we stayed at the newer hotels in China. As you enter the bathroom a light comes on over the toilet, so you can find it in the dark. The the seat automatically lifts, the toilet seat is warmed.

When you have finished there are various buttons to press, one gives a jet of warm water to your front, another further back, then a blast of warm air dries you.

As you stand the toilet automatically flushes, and the lid closes.

I want one!!