Port Dickson 19th January


For breakfast I had dhal over raw cabbage, and a delicious croissant.

We went to Eye Spy again and spent an hour trying to get the power connected, but no luck, there seems to be a problem that we will look at again early tomorrow morning, when it’s a bit cooler.

We had a quiet day, I think all the jet setting has caught up with us.

Had chicken curry over cabbage for breakfast, It was delicious. There is a hungry looking cat wandering around, so I sneak him bits of food when no one is looking. I don’t want him to know they come from me, or he will be begging at the table, so I hide the food around the terrace when he is not looking. He has the most beautiful face with elegant, high cheek bones, and soft ginger fur, but end of his tail is missing.

Dave spent some more time on Eye Spy this morning, but couldn’t get the power on, so we booked into the hotel till Monday morning.

We are getting too fat eating three buffet meals a day, so have decided to skip lunch. We will pick up some fruit while we are in town, trying to sort out our internet.

We went into Starbucks in the town to do our emails, and Dave has bought a dongle, which should help our internet problems a bit, I could not get on at  the hotel at all yesterday!

We have decided to visit Cambodia, so we got some photos taken for our visas, apparently we can apply on line, and pick them up at the airport when we arrive.

Whys is it that passport and visa photos make us look like mass murderers or asylum inmates who have just managed to escape? I am surprised we are ever let into another country!!

Walking down the street to the market I am assaulted by the strongest drain smells I have ever experienced, anywhere in the world! That’s usually a sign of third world areas, smelly drains!!

The supermarket has a wide variety of produce from all over the world, and looks like an average UK or Oz market, until I get to the meat and fish section.

Here is a strong smell of meat that has defiantly gone  ‘off’. It is piled in trays, unwrapped, lying in pools of blood.

Enough to turn the biggest carnivore into a vegan!!

Elsewhere there are huge piles of dried, smelly fish. In the check out the women in front of me has bought a huge carrier bag of dried chillies, I asked her what she was going to do with them and she told me she is making a chilli paste, she claimed it would not be very hot, but I don’t believe her!

It is two o’clock and we are still in Starbucks trying to sort out our visas, but the page keeps timing out before Dave has filled it all in, and he is getting very frustrated!

Hurrah, Dave’s managed to get our visas for Cambodia, it only took two hours!!