Pelican Bay 25 th November.


Internet intermittent.

Left at 5 am this morning ,much easier sailing with a deeper channel, and a couple of hours later we were turning into Pelican Bay.

 There were about 10 boats anchored in the middle, but no sign of Paul, so I rang him. He said he was moored further down, past where the ferries were berthed, in a deeper pool of water, so we attempted to join him.

He gave us directions, and we had our chart plotter and Navionics to help us.

 The first mistake was mine. My job was to spot channel markers and read out the water depth, Dave’s is to navigate and steer.

But I also love photography. As we were  passing the anchored yachts  the sun illuminated their white hulls against a stormy dark grey sky in a most photogenic manner, and I couldn’t resist turning around and taking a quick shot.

The depth was 1.8 before I turned, when I looked back 2 seconds later we had drifted slightly off the main channel and it was .1!!! Bad Crew Linda!!

We reversed back the way we had come just as Paul came over to kindly guide us in with his dinghy and show us where the really shallow area was. What a thoughtful kind man he is!!

He told us we were over the worst and left us.

Phew! We thought, that was a bit close, but were over the worst now, not much water but skipping over the underwater sandbanks with depths varying between 1.9 to .5 metres.

The next problem was Dave’s fault! I was reading the depth-.7 then straight down to zero, nothing in between, and we came to a rather abrupt halt, on a falling tide!!

Yes the unthinkable had happened, after 5 years of sailing we had run aground!!!

Dave slammed the engines into reverse and nothing happened! Then with agonising slowness we started to move backwards. Another Phew!!

Dave had let us drift just a couple of meters into shallower water, not that clearly marked on our Navionics.


This is what the Navionics screen looked like!

We anchored near Paul, who joined us for coffee, and we were able to laugh about it.

After Paul left we had breakfast, went back to bed and slept for 4 hours!!!

Dinner on board Moor R and R tonight, but only a little alcohol and early to bed for a 4 am start to cross the dreaded Wide Bay Bar tomorrow!!.


We had another laughter filled night with Cathy and Paul over a delicious roast pork dinner. Paul has an endless supply of unbelievable stories, most of them hilariously funny.

The wind has dropped and  backed to the north, so hopfully it will stay like that for tomorrow.