Mooloolaba, Home sweet home 27th November


Just as we were passing Noosa the sky turned grey, it started to rain, and visibility was drastically reduced. This made it hard to find the Mooloolaba entrance and lead lights, but we managed in the end.

It was a strange feeling motoring up past the rock wall we used to walk along every evening when we lived here 4 years ago! Half of me was glad to be back with our friends and the beautiful beach, the other half was sad that our adventures were over for the time being, but I hope not for ever!

We had dinner with Moor Rand R and Audra and Steve Plum from Clear Horizons at the yacht club. They have the same model Lagoon as Paul and Kathy.

They have 2 white Bichon Frise dogs on board which get dyed pretty colours with food colouring!


Yes those really are dogs, not stuffed toys!!

Kathy and Paul are only staying a few days in Mooloolaba, then they continue their journey south, and we shall greatly miss their company.

We have Lee and his delightful family here for a few more days, so are making the most of their company, and taking the children out for excursions, swimming, and sleep overs, which is fantastic.

6 and 2 are the most delightful ages!

I walk along the Esplanade most mornings sometime between 5 and 6 am, and am amazed at how many people are out walking, cycling, swimming or just meeting friends for coffee.

Yesterday I counted 20 dragon type boats with paddlers, and a group of 30 swimming across the bay together on top of everyone else.


This is a few of them coming back in.

It’s mainly locals at this time, and we all say ‘Good morning’ to each other.

Later in the day no one even smiles!

This is so different form the UK where one leaves the comfort of ones bed t the last possible minute to get to work on time, and go home as soon as you are finished!

The storm season has started in earnest, violent lightening storm every night, and elsewhere on the coast, huge hailstones, some the size of golf balls, causing damage to cars and houses.

We’re very glad to be safely in port, and just heard that Paul and Kathy have made if safely to Manley, where they will be staying a few months.