Magnetic Island

Our son Grant came up to visit us before he started his new job. Although we had been reluctant to leave the sanctuary of the marina. We decided that the least we could do is spend the night on Magnetic Island.  The tides were not with us as we were around low tide on a low tide at about the time that Grant normally gets up.  It was a beautiful day though and despite the wind being a little stronger than I would like we decided to go.

We had about 30cm under the hull as we went out which was a bit more uncomfortable than I would have liked.  The wind was perfect for the sail and we manage to sail upwind in a 15 know wind with just the foresail. We travelled a very comfortable 6 knots most of the way.

Grant took the helm and kept with it all the way.

We arrive at horseshoe bay on the far shore of the island about 2 and 1/2 hours later.

It was a great afternoon and so we got the dingy down to have little explore, Unfortunately the engine stopped when we were halfway to the shore with the result of having to row all the way back. This was a bit tricky as we were the farthest boat out into the bay and if we missed the vessel on the way out we would have been sitting out in Coral sea towards dusk.

We managed to fix the outboard. the fuel line had become attached. All good experience. Grant and I tested it out and managed to get back to shore for a sundowner before dinner.

It was a beautiful evening warm without a cloud in the sky. After dinner we sat and watched the starts in pretty without any major light pollution. Magic magnetic island.

The next day we went to visit some friends of ours that were anchored there and caught up with what they were doing. They were novices in a way with a lot more experience I think but cautiously getting acquainted with their boat.

We went back a for a full English breakfast and then decided to sail back to Townsville at about 11 am.

Unfortunately I had managed to get the bridle under the anchor chain making it a little difficult to pull up but we managed eventually and then we motored a good way back to the marina as the wind was against us. We got Grant an early dinner then took him to the airport to fly back to Melbourne. Confidence levels improved the next time we will do it just Linda and I.