Kuala Lumpur 30 January

Dave has found us a fabulous new apartment for  $100 a night, and the bedroom has a view of the Petronus  Towers. It is very spacious and luxurious and we were pleasantly surprised.

The infinity pool is rather special,  it is lined with black mirrored tiles, so as I swim with my snorkel on I can see my reflexion and correct my strokes.

This evening we went out  for street food, which was Malaysian, delicious and five dishes came to $20.

Later we went up to the 40th floor to take photos of the night scene. Because of the smog we had some interesting cloudy effects.

Unfortunately Dave is not feeling any better, worse even, all these antibiotics have taken a toll. He has no energy, and his ankles  are swollen. I talked to the insurance company and we need a letter from a doctor saying he is fit to fly, and we will cut our holiday short and get home.

In the hurry to answer the phone I tripped over a glass table and cut my leg badly, so we will go to the hospital and get both things sorted.


It took three hours to see a doctor in A and E!!

We have re booked our flights to go back to Australia tomorrow.