Hervey Bay


We had our best trip down the Bruce ever, only 1 roadwork!! For those of you that don’t know the Bruce Highway between Mooloolaba and Townsville has the most number of road works I have ever seen, someone once counter 79 on that stretch! Each one you have to slow down or stop for, then fight your way to the front of grey nomads tootling along enjoying the scenery, and road trains at the few overtaking lanes.

We made it down in a [very long] day, and saw Lee and his family before they went to bed.

They all seemed very pleased to be out of Christchurch and the earthquakes!

The winds and tides have been wrong for our next part of the trip, so we are happy to hang out with them, especially our darling grandchildren!

We bought Reuben and Hazel on board today, and they were very excited, especially pretending to drive the boat!


There is a wonderful water park here for them, many playgrounds, and a huge trampoline playground, what fun!.



When we get to Mooloolaba we will take them all out for a sail.

The next part of our journey involves crossing the infamous Wide Bay Bar at the end of Frasier Island.

Here there are shallow waters with tricky sand banks, and where the tides and the winds meet huge waves.

I saw a photo a photo of a cat going over in winds that were too strong, and half the hull was out of the water!! Imagine the bang in that crushed down!

I also heard a story of a catamaran going over with waves of the too large and I she crashed down the pressure took the coach roof right off the hull!!

Bats have run onto the sandbanks here, and boats have sunk, lives have been lost.

We are going to be very careful, and only go if we are sure the waves are not too big.

Then we sail straight on to Mooloolaba, getting in late that evening.