Getting the sail down

One of our least favorite, and most dangerous jobs, is going up the mast. The mast is about 70 foot high, that's a long way up!! Dave won't let me do it, and hates going up himself, but sometimes just has to. He sits in a bosun's chair, and I, and usually someone else as well, winch him up. He also has a second rope around him, should the first fail for any reason, and there are steps up the mast as well.

We had to take the foresail down this week, and get it restiched. This was possibly my fault for not letting a sheet go fast enough as we went about, and it caught on the cross trees, opening up some of the stitching. Stitching does degrade in the sun and salt, so I don’t think it was entirely my fault, but who knows!!The wind vane had also stopped turning, so that needed to come down for a clean as well. We also wanted the rigging checked. This time we thought it best to get a rigger  to do all this, so we hired John. He actually pulled himself up the mast, using climbing gear, that way he didn’t have to rely on anyone else, he said. We couldn’t believe how strong he was! We got the sail down and the wind meter working again. We will take the sale into to Michael to get it restiched,then John will help us put it back up again. Peter came along and helped fold the sale and take it to the car.