Dave and I are very careful about what we eat. We cut grains-wheat,oats,corn and rice from our diet as this makes us put on weight, and causes inflammation. This made a huge difference to both our figures and our energy. Left on my own I will revert to raw vegan food which is tasty and takes very little time to prepare. Dave tolerates it in small doses, but would prefer a bit more meat.

Breakfast is usually a smoothie, I put veggies, seeds, nuts and protein powder in mine, but Dave only wants fruit in his. We try to leave this as late as possible, or have an early lunch around 11. We try to do the intermittent fasting way of eating to let our bodies heal. Lunch is either a salad or a soup, if it's warm, a chilled soup. Dinner fish and a salad, or a casserole.

Our biggest challenge is eating healthily while we are away from harbour, and having to rely on dried and tinned food. We have a  fridge and a freezer, large by yacht standards, but small compared to a house! Most yachties live on fish they catch, which is something we are pretty hopeless at, but will try to improve!!

I don’t have room for a food processor onboard, so I use a wand, a powerful one with a metal head that I can put into hot soups. I also bought a Nutribullet which I use for smoothies and raw soups, it really does make a smooth liquid, expensive, but I use it almost  every day.

The other problem is that yachties have an amazing social life, hopping off and on boats, or meeting on shore for 'sundowners' , drinks and nibbles In the evening. This is usually cheese, biscuits and dips. Delicious but fattening, so I am trying out recipes from the internet and of my own devising.

I will give you my favorite harbour and at sea recipes, and hope you enjoy them

I welcome recepies that fit our criteria  from anyone. Please send them to me at


Hot Soup base

Fry 1 onion, 1 clove garlic. Add 2 soup bowls of water and 1 Massell  chicken stock cube.


Thai Tom Yum

This can be vegeterian, or have fish or meat. The veggies don’t realy matter, almost anything you have in your fridge or tins will do,peas, sweetcorn, peppers etc. You can make it as filling as you want, depending on your ratio of stock to veggies. Most of these ingdients will last at sea, or we will use tinned veggies if we don’t hve fresh or frozen.

add sprinkle of chili seeds

dash fish sauce

raw prawns, chopped fish, prawn dumplings, or chicken

chopped mushrooms

sliced cabbage

bean vermicccelli

Coriander for garnish

Let it simmer for 10 minutes. Then add the protein, 5 minutes later add the vermicelli and serve as soon as they are soft. Serve with a squeeze of lime or lemonThai soup

Tomato soup

add fresh or tinned tomatoes and liquidise . Garnish with basil


chop and dethread the celery, fry with the onions, cook with stock until soft, liquidise


Chop and fry with the onions Cook with stock. Liquidise when soft, add 1 teaspoon of Dijon mustard.


Chop and fry with the onions Cook with stock. Liquidise when soft.

These can all be eaten hot or cold, and frozen for later.