Flying Fish

'Welcome aboard Motor Yacht Flying Fish, a 112ft Warren Super Yacht named after one of the oceans most graceful creatures. Her classic lines, Versace interior, ample deck space both outdoor and undercover, are just some of the amazing features this Magnificent Motor yacht has to offer. Flying fish holds her head and shoulders above any other vessel available for charter in Australian waters. With four cabins and accommodation for 8 guests all with ensuites, Foxtel, DVDs, air-conditioning, personal helicopter and plane service, you and your guests are guaranteed a stay of the utmost luxury and privacy. Her full time crew will pamper and attend to your every need. It is the attention to detail, grandeur and high standard of this fine vessel that will ensure you will leave with nothing but incredible memories, refreshed, relaxed and ready for your next adventure. '

This was taken from her website with the photo.

Flying Fish is owned by Chris Morris, chairman of Computer Share, who also has hospitality intrests with hotels, resorts and, soon to be acquired, Townsville casino, as well as an aviation company.

The notorious Rene Rivkin had this beautiful boat built 23 years ago, but she wears her years well. The walls are clad in a highly gloss burr mahogany wood, giving the rooms a lovely red brown glow. The other walls are covered in material, some of them padded to reduce noise. I sank  deeply into the, comfortable, damask covered armchair while Paul and I talked after my tour of the boats staterooms and cabins. Paul apologized for Flying Fish not looking her best as they were in the still of working on her.

Flying Fish is a  Warren class yacht,112 feet long, built in Australia. She has 8 guest berths, all with marble clad ensuites, The two engines are Detroit diesel 16 v92 1600 horsepower each, consuming 120 liters of fuel and hour cruising at about 11 knots, she also has a bow thruster for easier docking..

I was surprised that she only draws  1.8mts. not much more than we do. But she weighs light [empty] ship 80 tons, dead 120 tons. 21.000 liters of fuel, and carries 4000 litre of  water  in her tank, and has a desalinater.

 She is registered to carry 8 guests overnight, or 12 for a day trip, and to the highest safety standard DNV

The  crew will comprise of a Master IV, Paul, a stewardess, chef, and a deckhand.

Chris Morris bought the boat in Sydney in June, and they bought her up to Townsville in terrible weather, winds gusting up to 30 knots, and 5 meter seas. But Paul said she came through it well, and proved she is a truly sea worthy boat.

Flying Fish will also continue to be used as a charter boat, in the past she has had a famous rock band, Jamie Oliver, the presenters from Top Gear, and a sheik and his princess as clients. She will be used as another venue in the Townsville area, to compliment the casino and the resort at Orpheus.

Flying Fish is a beautiful,traditional,unique and classy lady that has been built with care and love, and she will give any one who goes on board a very special and luxurious experience.