Fiji Doubletree Resort by Hilton Sonaisali Island

The good points are that our bure overlooking the water was spacious and clean. The staff are friendly, as are 99% of all Fijians. There was lovely music played by the Fijian musicians, but it was for listening, not dancing.

Lovely sunsets.

Become a Hilton Honors member and you get free internet.

If you had children the Kids Club actives looked good.

The bad points-

The pool was cloudy needing  a better balance of chemicals. The sea was brown from the river, so you couldn't swim in it.

The meals were expensive, the food substandard, especially for the price we were paying. At breakfast the buffet was not even lukewarm, threatening diarrhoea. Flies were also crawling on the pastries that were displayed uncovered.

The sausages were undercooked, and tinned fruit in the fruit salad. We skipped lunch and had dinner,-overcooked fish, rice that was a tasteless paste.

This was  unforgivable, especially the price we were paying, dinner 2 fish and rice, one club sandwich, over $100 [$75 Aus] Fiji.

A Pina colada by the pool was $28,[$18 Aus] half of it was just foam.

But the problem is that you are trapped there, a taxi for dinner at Denerau was F$50 each way, and we were so desperate for good food we did that most evenings, which added a lot onto the cost of the holiday.

Viscous ants are resident on the decks of the rooms and the pool, a bite caused urticarea , and needed a doctors visit to the hotel, that cost F$450, cash only!

There is not much in the way of entertainment during the day, seeing how far we were from anything if the weather was bad you would be rather bored.