Dinner at Alisons

I met Alison in my art lesson, and asked her around for dinner while Dave was away. She arrived with wonderful  dips to have with drinks, six eggs from her two chickens, chilli peppers and aubergines she had grown herself, and a bucket of basil!!

I was looking forward to seeing her house and garden, and were invited for dinner lthe other night.

Alison many talents were in evident, lovely paintings on the walls, felt candle holders, drift wood framed mirrors, pottery, is there no end to the lady’s talent??

Somehow she also finds time to grow so many fruit and veggies. We couldn’t believe how many different vegetables were growing, beans, pumpkin, loofah, lettuce, carrots, and herbs to name just  a few.The chickens rushed over to see Alison and she gave then a good scratch under their feathers  which they throughly enjoyed.

Apart from the two chickens Alison also had twenty five barramundi in a tank in the garden!

We also saw several tiny tree frogs living in the tiny pools of water on a bromeliad, eating insects.



We had a wonderful dinner of slow cooked pork, vegetables from the garden, and a delicious fruit sorbet made in a thermo mix.

A great evening.