Christmas Boat Parade


Every year boats are garlanded with lights and sail up and down the canals. As we are on the end of the finger, we have one o the best views, so we invited Margaret, Liz, and her 2 adorable children Maddie and Dylan to join us.

The children were especially excited to be on a boat and explored her with enthusiasm!

The boat parade lasted several hours and we were very impressed with the effort people had made and the very high standard of the displays sailing past us.

We called Christmas greetings and sang carols all evening as our contribution to the festivities.

Dave and I bought each other new boogie boards as our Christmas presents. The sea water is a lovely temperature and the waves perfect, so we spend an hour in the sea every day. We’re probably the oldest boarders on the beach, judging by the rather surprised looks we get from people as we wash up on the sand!!

Every Sunday night there is a yachties sundowner get together in the marina, which is a great way to meet people. We take chairs, drinks and nibbles and sit at the end of D finger for a couple of hours swapping stories and sharing knowledge.

Mona told me how she made her own  Kombucha, a probiotic health drink. She kindly gave me a scobie, a blob of jelly that I fed tea and sugar, which turns into a fizzy, slightly vineragry, drink.

I made my first batch on sunday, Dave wasnt wildly immpressed with the taste, but promised he would knock back a bit each day.

The scobie is ta bit like having a pet, a very easy one I only have to feed once a week!!