Christchurch July 2016


We have had a wonderful couple of weeks staying with Lee and his family in Christchurch, part work and part pleasure.

There is a more optomistic feel in the city, with lots of building going on, though I am not sure locals are too happy with the up market glass enclosed bus station that looks like a five star hotel. I am sur they would rather have had a less expensive building, and more help with earthquake repairs.

The grandchildren have blossomed since we last saw them, and are wonderful company.Reuben is six, which I think is the perfect age. He will sit and talk to me about all sorts of things. He has marriage on the mind, for some reason, and so I asked him where he would find a wife, without hesitating he answered-Mexico! No, I dont know why either.



Hazzie also has the dancing gene that came down from me,to Lee, and to Reuben. Any music and she is up bopping away.



We took them out to the Museum, which they loved. There is a great play area full of natural history exhibits that keeps them amused for hours.

Grant is down in Queenstown fo a week, so we have decided to go down with Lee to see him. 

An early morning flight meant we left for the airport with Lee at 7.30, just as the sun was rising. As we drove across the causeway the sun was just peeping over the sea, turning the water and  intricate patterns in the mud flats shades of orange.

On the left the white snow covered mountain tops were pink, and just then the sun rise struck the city, and the windows of the few remaining buildings flashed pink.

What an amazing sight!

I was filled with wonder, everywhere I looked, the frost covered grass and leaves of the park the pink tinged tree tops as the sun caught them; the  wisps of steam   wafting above the river.

What magical views, worth getting up early for. Sorry there are no photos, we were running too late to stop. Reuben woke up as we were leaving, and there was a forlorn little figure at the window that needed another kiss.