Chance Bay 2nd October


Chance Bay 2nd October

Internet and phone sporadic.

Water visibility good

Coral and fish disappointing.


Passing Hamilton Island we were struck by how ugly the high-rise hotels were; however did they get permission to build them on this beautiful island?

We followed Electric Dreams Into Chance Bay, a series of sheltered sandy bays surrounded by tree covered rocks and hills.

It was so hot we went ashore to swim over the coral. Tony warned us that he had heard that several people had all ready been stung by Irukandji jelly fish, but it has been so warm they have arrived a couple of months early.

There was very little coral or fish compared to Fitzroy, mostly weed and rocks, but more interesting than swimming in a pool. I saw a few fish, and swam beside a turtle.

A sea plane landed and took some lucky people ashore to a secluded bay. When it taxied  to take off it passed very close to us, but I didn’t recognize anyone famous.



Sandy and Tony joined us for dinner and showed us a Mexican train domino game, which was fun.