Cambodia-Things I have seen on the road you would not believe!!

China, Turkey, India and now Cambodia are the most exciting/frightening/dangerous roads we have been on, and will never drive ourselves on!

Helmets are meant to be compulsory, but hardly anyone wears them. Motorbikes and tuk tiks will be coming towards you on the wrong side of the road.

Some of the things I have seen here are-

A motor bike pulling a huge, unsecured, load it was hardly doing 5 mph., if he put his brakes on to hard he would have lost the lot.

Children squeezed in between their parents, or standing on the seat holding on to the handles.

Waiting for your tourists to come back, might as well have a little snooze in a comfortable hammock! He’s probably been working most the night, so this is his chance to catch up.

Two monks being driven by a third person on our left driving right in front of us to turn right, without looking., or signalling  Only the lightening fast reactions of our driver saved them.

A motor bike pulling a huge, unsecured, load it was hardly doing 5 mph.

I've pruned that tree darling!

A car overtaking a tuk  tuk that was overtaking another tuk tuk.

Been to the market?

Going to work in the morning, It's not fast, but it is cheap.

Ladies riding side saddle, and not holding on.

It's all about getting the balance right!

Rather large for a buggy.