Cambodia 27th January Apsara Dancers

We wanted a quiet day after yesterday so we went to the large market here to buy some presents. Going in the morning is a good idea, as the traders feel lucky after they have made their first sale, the same as China.

There is quite a discrepancy between the price they first say, and what you end up paying, a ‘silk’ dress started at $US75,and I ended up paying $20, but that was in a large modern souvenir shop.

Usually I drive a hard bargain, but in the market we don’t, just a token negotiation, their lives are so hard, they are so poor, and the goods are pretty cheap anyway.

Back at the hotel I decided to have a massage at the beautiful spa here. My masseuse is a tiny doll like girl who does not come up to my shoulder.

I lay down on my tummy, and she vaults on top of me, reminiscent of Red Indian mounting his horse!!

The gives me an amazing massage, her child size hands working into areas untouched previously.

I spent the next hour between the sauna and the Jacuzzi, and am feeling very relaxed indeed.

We are going out tonight to see Apsara dancers, I will definitely take my camera in my backpack, unfortunately my handbag seems to have disappeared from my suitcase case in Singapore airport.Later

The show was fantastic! We were not expecting much for $12 each, but the food was good and plentiful, the dancing good, the last Apsara dance absolutely brilliant!

These dancers start training when they are very young girls to make their hands and toes flexible. Their fingers bend so far back when they make their delicate hand movements. Even their toes turn up to almost 90o.

In ancient time they were the embodiment of living goddesses, priestesses, and concubines. Their dance, though nothing as overtly sexy as say a belly dance, are still subtly erotic.

They move their heads and bodies in a simious, snake like way. Their movements are in slow motion and need amazing control to look so graceful.

Even Dave was impressed!