Cambodia 25th January

When you think of Cambodia two things come to mind, the temples, and the mass murders during the Khmer Rouge, the Killing Fields. Cambodia has a population of fifteen million, and 95% are Buddhist.  It became a protectorate of France, and the French influence is still strong.

Pol Pot committed the mass murder of maybe as many as three million people, the professionals, teachers, doctors, journalists, students and leaders of industry, a quarter of the population. He wanted to create and agrarian economy.

Ethnic groups were exterminated, religion was banned.

When arrested, Pol Pot never admitted his guilt, or said he was sorry, his conscience was clear. He committed suicide.

We land in Cambodia and the rudest customs official greets me ever!! He grunts at me and flaps his hand indicating I should step back, grunting. As I leave I tell him if every other Cambodian is as rude as him I’m going straight home!

Luckily they are not, everyone we have met is absolutely charming.

After we have gone through customs Dave realises we had given them each other passports, and neither official had noticed!!

They say husbands and wives grow to look like each other after forty years of marriage, but seriously do I have a beard??

The other explanation is that all Caucasians look the same to Asians, the same we say about them. I’m not sure who should be more insulted, me or Dave!!

We are taken to our hotel in a four-wheel drive Lexus.

The town has the tree lined French influence, and is much nicer than I was expecting.

There are separate lanes for bikes and tuk tuks, all over loaded with people and goods, some coming towards us on the wrong side of the road. This is not the place to hire a car!!

Wow, what a hotel!!

And what a warm welcome! We are asked to sit down and are brought iced tea and little cakes whilst we check in. How civilised!

Our room is beautiful, they have up graded us and we are overlooking the pool and roof -tops.

We have a temple tour all day tomorrow, which we be great, but exhausting, thought it is slightly cooler here.

We are looking to re-arrange our flights to stay another coupe if days.

We are sitting  in a bar by the pool, sipping  a  five dollar , very strong Mai Tai , feeling very relaxed!

One of the guests is flying a drone, presumably to take an aerial photo. They lift off really, really fast! and go really, really high!!