Breakfast by the Beach

It was a beautiful sunny, still, morning  so after our walk Dave an I decided to have breakfast  by the sea after our walk.

We went to C Bar and sat looking at the beautiful view of Magnetic Island in the morning sun, while we had a leisurely breakfast.

Just then the Red Baron flew past in his biplane, fast and low. But not as fast as a F11 did a few hours later!

The jet was practising for an upcoming air show.

 I have never had a jet fly so low over my head, hardly clearing the mast, the noise was ear splitting, the whole boat vibrated with the sound. It was very close to breaking the sound barrier.

He made a few thrilling passes, then, for his finale went into a steep vertical climb, disappearing out of sight.


We have started getting ready to leave, dismantealing all the cyclone  prep we did-putting back cushions,untying the sails and wind vane etc. We have the rigger coming  to go up the mast and to check the 

rigging next week, and we need the annodes checked, and maybe repalced, and then we can go off to Magnetic Island for a few days.

As usual it will be hard to prise ourslves away from Townsville and our friends, music and my art lessons.

We also have given the sailmaker a deposit for  a new jib, which will take a couple of weeks. Then we can go.