Blasted Birds!!

The birds are still trying to nest in the sails and boom! We cant believe it, we have stuffed towels in all the obvious places, yet they are still getting in!

If you are wondering why we are making such an effort to keep them out, it is because if we let them nest there the whole deck and sails would be covered in bird shit by the time we got back from Malaysia in April!

We have seen boats this has happened to, and it is not a pretty sight!!

We were sitting having a sundowner on Double Vision, who are moored next to us, and we saw them flying in under the sail covers this time!

 Ted and Caroline have a snake hanging from their mast, and said that was very effective in keeping the birds away, but I haven’t been able to find one in a local shop, so I will go online.

In the meantime we went to Spotlight and bought a huge owl balloon two foot high, and tied it by the mast.

Unfortunately it kept  getting blown away and landing in the water by our stern. So we kept retying him even more firmly. Then it escaped again and it wasn’t in the usual place, so Dave and I walked along the downwind jetties looking for it. I asked everyone I saw if they had seen a balloon owl, and then had to explain what I had used it for.

Peter said he had solved the problem by buying a real feather duster from Bunnings and tying it to the crosstrees. He reckoned that the birds thought it was an owl, and that scared them away.

So I went to Bunnings and bought a brown feather duster. They also had plastic owls, but apparently they don’t work . But they did have a hawk, with the body hanging from the wings so it moves in the wind. We will take down our Christmas lights that are attached to our flag halyard, and pull the hawk up the mast and hang him from the crosstrees and see if he will keep the birds away.

Just been to say Good Bye to Peter as he is meeting his French girlfriend in Bangkok for a holiday.

He told us the hawk wont work, so it’s back to the feather duster!

Peter has been building a guitar for the last  few months and has bought it home for the holiday.

What a work of art it is!! Too beautiful to play! The back and sides are made from Queensland Walnut. This gives a brown stripe look which reminds be of the semi precious stone Tigers Eye.

The front is Western Cedar, the neck Rosewood with Ebony inlays.

It has taken him 148 hours to get this far, and there is at least another 30 still to go.

Whilst the guitar was gripped in the vice a few weeks ago it slipped and crashed to the floor, breaking a bit that had to repaired. That took Peter and extra 10 hours to get back to where he was!

We told Peter that he should not let anyone else play this guitar  because if they damaged it he would be heartbroken, and the person who did it would be as well!!

It will have cost him round $5,000, but undeterred Peter is going to make an electric guitar next!!

News flash!

There was a knock on the hull yesterday and someone had kindly bought Owlie back to us again. So this time I attached him, and so far he hasn’t  escaped!