Bikes, not boats

I know this should be about people and their boats, but this family were  doing something so different i wanted to share it with you.

In town today I started talking to a couple, Pat and Meg,with two tandems, a toddler ,Woody, and a dog, Zero. They told me they had cycled up from south Victoria the past nine months, sleeping in tents, living off the land, hunting with a bow and arrow and  fishing! They looked fit and healthy, the toddler sitting quietly in his seat  at the back, and the dog in his seat in the front.

This is from their blog

Artist as Family practice a unique form of performance art. Performances comprise how we live, get our food and move around; performing low-carbon modes of life making. We invite you to contribute comments and share your own experiences and knowledges as we travel Australia by bicycle, skip on the greenwash and attempt to pioneer truly sustainable food and travel ways in an era of destabilising climate, ecological crises, economic contraction and energy powerdown.

 We teach foraging and other accountable living skills. We are bloggers, writers, poets, artists, video makers who also make music, but mostly we're a family who belong to a bloody great community and therefore we're much more than the sum of our parts.

They list their interests as Gardening, community sovereignty, resilience, social warming.

They are also writing a book about their experiences