Back in Townsville

We left Mooloolaba at about 8 am on Friday 3 rd May after a few delays. The first day we drove to Rockhampton and despite a few delays for roadworks we arrived at 3 pm. Rockhampton is the first major town in Northern Queensland and is now very busy and expensive because of the Australian mining boom.

It was recently badly affected by the January floods but it appears that this has been pretty much rectified. We had never spent any time there as it is a town one normally drives through. The best part is around the river which was close to our hotel. We took the opportunity of walking there late afternoon. One of the really nice old buildings was the old custom building. The bottom floor of this has been converted to a Thai restaurant. We were tired and hungry having pretty much driven non stop that day. We tried the food and the cocktails. Not very impressive I am afraid to say.. You can normally tell the quality of the food by the quality of the cocktails. We should have moved on after the cocktails. This rule always seems to work.

We made a very early start at 6am on Saturday after a good nights sleep. The drive was much easier on this leg of the journey with much fewer roadworks.  The traffic picked up as the morning continued but we managed to get to Townsville at about 3pm.

We were able to catch up with a few friends we had made here then spent a couple of hours loading the stuff from the car onto the boat. I am not sure how this extra weight is going to affect performance so we might need to hire a locker somewhere.

That evening they had one of their musical soirees. I have brought one of my keyboards on board, as part of this journey of ours is for me to sped some time learning new keyboard techniques and trying to compose some new music.  Despite my journey I was on good form, even if I say it myself. I had a few jams with a talented guitarist.. Hopefully that may shape up to be a regular occurrence. The predominant style is Folk, with which I have had not much exposure being more aligned to blues jazz and rock. The two major talents are ex professional folk musicians Ted and Caroline who are very talented. The open mike evening attracts various talents around the marina include poets.

We crashed at about 8pm after a exhausting but full day.

The Breakwater marina where we are berthed is quite close to the main port of Townsville. Dust from there blows into the marina when the winds are southerly. This had left a lot dirt on the deck necessitating a full morning of washing and scrubbing down the decks. Pretty much most of Sunday with the exception of visiting the market was spent doing this and tidying up.