Back in Townsville Again 15/11

We are back in Townsville, having sailed down very fast from Fitzroy to Magnetic island in only 2 days to avoid some bad weather that was coming through. next time we should take at least a month, there are so many interesting islands to visit.

It was great to catch up with all the friends we hadn't seen for 3 months and hear all their news. Jon and Teresa asked us over to dinner in their apartment and we met their lovely friends John, Elizabeth,

Deb, Randall and their delightful son Lincoln


Peter took us out in Excalibur for a sunset cruise around the bay with his cousin which was very relaxing. He is making great strides with his music and has hired a recording studio to lay down some tracks for his song 'C'esta', and Dave and I are going into the studio to accompany him. What he has done so far sounds really great, and he is working on the video to go with it. He is so talented!!

We rested in Horseshoe Bay for a while, it is so much cooler than staying in the marina, and very relaxing, but sailed back to pick up Sandy, Scott, Veronica and John to take them out for a sail back there again. We had a great time together, eating drinking, talking, laughing and swimming and they caught the last ferry home.


Dave left a line over the side at night and was woken up y the sound of it running out at 2 in the morning. He leapt up and fought the fish for half an hour and landed a large Blue Salmon!!The first decent fish we have ever caught. I gutted and filleted it, and it was delicious, with a soft delicate white flesh

I always thought I was a very light sleeper, listening out for my babies cry in the night I was instantly awake, a change in the boats motion or a rising wind and I am up. But not this time, I slept through the entire commotion!!

We both have some medical appointments and have to get our vaccinations for going to South America in a few weeks time so we are staying in the marina to get all that sorted out, but 32C without aircon is damn hot so Peter has let us spend the day on his boat which has air conditioning, which is great.

It has been an amazing adventure, some of it, like going out to the ref, way out of our comfort zone. Dave did an excellent job as captain, keeping us safe. There were a couple of scary moments, the crocodile being the worst. But the anchor never dragged, we didnt get lost,and we didn't run aground.

The places we visited were amazing, coming from England cold and crowded beaches to have the whole beach to ourselves most days was greatly appreciated.

But it was also the wonderful people we met who had interesting stories to tell , and good suggestions , and were there to help  and guide us if needed. Thank you all for making this trip so special, and we hope to see you again next year!