Back In Oz Again Feb 20116

Back on Oz we have a lovely dinner party at Teresa and Johns apartment, outside on their balcony with eight of their friends. We lasted until midnight but the party went on for a few more hours.

I tried out an Oculus headset attached to a cell phone. It gives you a 3d experience, with 360o of vision. I was flying over Iceland’s volcanos, I could look all around and behind me, if I looked up I could see the sky and helicopter that was filming. It really was like being there.

When we are too old to travel we could  just put one of these on and still experience the world!!

The weather here is hot,32C in the day, 28C at night, and very humid, which makes it seem even hotter. The air con we swapped for a slab of beer is holding it’s own, just!

Peter has been given notice that the luxury motor boat he has been  ‘house sitting’ is moving down to the Gold Coast, which is a pity, so he has to find a new home, or move back onto his boat. So we will make the most of the time we have left with as many sundowners on board as possible!!

Just as Dave was coming off antibiotics, he was bitten by a spider, that was lurking in one of the deck lockers.

It was only a small bite, so we thought nothing of it, until he woke up the next morning with a dark blue bruise. This is very serious because it meant that necrosis was starting, the tissues had been poisoned and starting to die, which could mean huge holes in Daves flesh.

Whilst we were waiting to see the doctor, I did some Googling and found that bicarb of soda and activated charcoal were good for drawing out poison. So we soaked Dave’s hand, and the bruise shrank considerably.

I read a story about how good the charcoal had been from someone who ‘had been bit by a hobo and the wound went septic’ [sic]!

We couldn’t help wondering how he had been annoying the hobo enough to get a bite!!

Later on he said he had ‘put sticky traps out in his yard and caught lots of hobos that way’ ! I had a vision of men in various poses, one leg in the air, stuck down on the trap.

Strange country , America!!