Andy and Fat Boy Slim

Andy and Fat Boy Slim

Fat Boy Slim is a good description, this cat has very wide hulls, but a thins down where it meets the water, she is built for speed!

We met Andy in the bar the first night we were in Port Dickson, and he was a mine of information on the area. I would have liked to learn more from him, but the music was so loud it was hard to talk.

He did tell me he had been designing boats since he was a little boy,  it was something he has always had a passion for. He eventually designed and  built his catamaran in Bali, then sailed her over to Malaysia.

He had a great time, and didn’t run in to any particularly bad weather, or any other troubles that plagues these waters : ie ,pirates and  fishermen with no lights and long nets.

Presently Andy works online, but goes to Singapore about once a month, so he will be here for a while yet before he goes of sailing again.