A Lucky Escape!!!

This  picture is taken from the bay looking towards Hintchenbrook

John decided he was going to the Palms the next day, so we said we would join him. We sailed across at a good 8 knots, then the wind dropped and we motored the rest of the way over There was still some coral spawn around, leaving brown patches on the water. We are so delighted to actually be out of the marina at last!!

We had a lovely sunset walk along the beach at Little Pioneer Bay, where we moored for the night. There were only four boats in the bay, and no one at all on the beach, just a few birds. There was a sign saying no fires and a small warning that there could be crocodiles. We sat down to watch the fiery sunset behind the Hinchinbrook hills, all so peaceful and relaxing, that’s what all the hard work for the last six months has been about, to get us here.

Just then we saw something come out the water about  four meters away, we were confused because it didn’t look like  a fish,. Whilst pondering this we saw swirling ripples in the shallows, only about 2 meters from where we were sitting. It was something very large about two meters [at least] long, not a shark because there was no fin showing,  so we ran as fast as we could back to the dinghy and to the boat. We realised llater the first thing we saw  was the crocodiles eyes checking  our position before he moved in for the strike!! I don't know how long he had been watching us for, had he followed the dinghy from the boat? While we were walking along  the beach? We won't be walking along the water in this area again but I don’t think we will be going snorkeling here either.!!

It' a sobering thought what would have happened if we hadn't moved so fast, and we were pretty shaken by it. A few drink were required to relax us that night!!