A Good Night Out in Cairns! 9 October

We have had a busy few days in Cairns getting supplies for the boat, hairdresser, doctors, and catching up with friends. We also did some sanding and painting of the hull. In the park there are free exercise classes  in the morning and evening that I have been going to while Dave goes for his walk, zumba, yoga, Pilates, tai'chi. It is still cool at 7am and very enjoyable being in the open air with a great view  of the sea and mountains with birds singing.

The actual beach is just miles of mud whenthe tide goes out, so the council developed the front, like they did in Townsvuille, with swimming pools, parks and trees.

The other night we went for a walk and a fire juggler was getting ready to perform. wanting to sit down we climbed onto a stone sculpture you can see in the photo. I kept sliding off until I realised it was very comfortable to side astride it, like on a horse, so Dave clambered up and sat behind me.

. Now something you should know to appreciate this story is that I have an 'overdeveloped startle response', which means I jump at the slightest surprise. This has been very embarrassing on occasions, particularly in 'Jaws' when the dead head fell through the bottom of the boat, I not only jumped, right up to standing, screamed and grabbed a total strangers leg very hard!! Most embarking causing much mirth to the audience.

Well I excelled again this night. Sitting very relaxed on my stone horsey I watched the performer get ready for his act. It was dark, he was dressed in black . Suddenly, out of nowhere he shot two bolts of flame in my direction. A bright flash of light and a loud 'whoosh' noise heading in my direction only a few feet away gave me a big fright. I gave a scream and very inelegantly shot back and slid off my perch to the great amusement of the crowd!! I then got the giggles and could'nt climb back on, just doubled up with giggles! I think more people were watching, and laughing, at me than the performer!!

Last night we went out to a small intimate jazz club and listened to some great music. We had walked quite a way looking for this club so decided to take a bike taxi to the Casino to catch a Latin band playing there. The  trike had green  lights underneath and loud music playing. A young  extrovert French man dressed as Superman was peddling and we had a great laugh with him. He was a salsa dancer so played Latin music for us, and when we arrived at the Casino we all had a little dance together before going in.

The band were really good so we danced for half an hour, then they disappeared for a break. An hour late they still hadn't come back! We danced some more and watched the other dancers, who were very good, and picked up some moves. One girl in particular, wearing a very short skirt was an amazing dancer,  totally uninhibited, she had the sexiest hip roll and danced very close to her partner, defiantly  x rated!!

We left and found Superman outside again, so asked him to take us back to the boat, with more salsa music. At the  red light  he jumped off and started dancing, so we jumped off and danced with him. The tourists thought it very amusing and filmed us, we're probably on You Tube. We laughed all the way home. We do a lot of laughing these days!

Left at 8 this morning before the wind became too strong, we thought, but we were wrong! It apidly rose to 15 knots, but we had bullets all the way along the coast going up to 25 knots, and the wind kept shifting , there was a large swell so it was exciting sailing!.

Hope to reasch Fitz for lunch, meeting Adrienne, Doug, Chris and Judy for dinner at Foxy's tonight. Last chance to be together before  Adrienne and Doug  fly off to Sri lanka and China for three weeks, and Judy and Chris will be going back to Auckland for teh summer soon.