7/9/ 2015 Sailing to Port Douglas

Time to leave Cairns and sail off to Port Douglas, which we had spent a few weeks on holiday at a couple of years ago.

We had 18 knots from the south, so that was the perfect wind for us,. We passed Double Island around lunch time, and we arrived in the early afternoon, tying up next to a couple of  200 foot super yachts.

Everyone is very friendly here, and we have had a few sundowners with our neighbours.

The marina gates are open during the day and an endless stream of sightseers wander up and down, often stopping to talk with us.

I got chatting to John from holy Cow, who said he was a drummer. I suggested he might like to come for a jam with us. My suggestion wasn’t met with the level of excitement my offer  usually generates, in fact he seemed distinctly non plussed.  They came for sundowners instead, when he told us he played in The Wolverenes, which we hadn’t head of. We found out later they were a famous and successful Ozzie band.

 So it wasn’t far off asking Ringo if he fancied a jam!!!

They have a great sense of humour, and we had a delightful evening with them. Sadly they had to leave the next morning, but hopefully we will catch up with them next year.