2015 Journey

The season always starts with work to be done on board, and this season waas no exception. We slliped Jazz Cat to anti foul the hull, and painted the deck, a long, hard, dirty job. Peter and Wayne kindly helped to get us ship shape.

Peter encouraged us to play an open mike night with him before we left. It was great funwith many friends turning up to suport us.

We met Peter and Bruce  at  Magnetic Island for  couple of days, and  played music together. We went in the dinghy to say ''Goodbye'' to them the evening before we left. As we were going over we saw bait fish leaping out of the water, some big fish were chasing them to eat for dinner. I was facing the wrong way when Dave started pointing and getting rather excited. I didnt see a huge shark fin break the water about  10 ft away from out dinghy. He said it came straight for us, then at the last second swerved away to go after more bait fish!

You forget just how many sharks are around. It's probably a bit like the say in the city you are never further than a meter away from a rat, you just don't see them often.

 We set off north the next day. By ourselves this time,but we knew that Sea  Piper and Paws would be in Hintchenbrook when we arrive.

This is a stunningly beautiful area of Australia, tall forest clad hills, little islands,rivers and inlets to explore. And very shelterd from most winds. Sadly  at the entrence of the channel, there is a coal terminal  with the longest jetty jutting out into the sea, which really is a blot on the landscape.