Fire in the Marina

This evening a boat caught fire in the marina. All the owner did was turn on the engine, and it burst into flames! I called the fire department, who arrived very quickly and bravely doused the fire with water. There were a couple of small explosions, and a nearby yacht was moved to safety. Luckily the boat was not owned by a live aboard, they would have lost everything as only the hull was left.... read more

Dinner at Alisons

I met Alison in my art lesson, and asked her around for dinner while Dave was away. She arrived with wonderful  dips to have with drinks, six eggs from her two chickens, chilli peppers and aubergines she had grown herself, and a bucket of basil!! I was looking forward to seeing her house and garden, and were invited for dinner lthe other night. Alison many talents were in... read more

Breakfast by the Beach

It was a beautiful sunny, still, morning  so after our walk Dave an I decided to have breakfast  by the sea after our walk. We went to C Bar and sat looking at the beautiful view of Magnetic Island in the morning sun, while we had a leisurely breakfast. Just then the Red Baron flew past in his biplane, fast and low. But not as fast as a F11 did a few hours later! The jet was... read more

Keeping Busy in the Heat

We’re back in Townsville now, and Dave goes off to England for work in a few days, it sure is going to seem quiet after the weeks excitement!. I have ben keeping myself busy while Dave is away, going to art classes, the gym,  swimming, and I have joined a very talented choir. Last night Peter took me to a musos evening, where a group of musical people meet in someone’s home... read more

Cheryl and Grant's Wedding

We are in Melbourne for the week leading up to Grant and Cheryl’s wedding, and  it’s wonderful to catch up with Lee and his family who are also here, and how great it is to be out of the hot, humid, wet weather of Townsville!  Hazel is no longer a baby, but a delightful little girl who loves jewellery, and dressing up. She copies Reuben and follows him around. We were... read more

The Wet Has Arrived!!

The rains are here at last!! Plus the tail end of Cyclone Winston ,that ravaged Fiji so badly. A bad weather warning was issued so I took all the sun and seat covers down and tidied up the deck. Luckily the wind was not that strong, just under thirty knots, but there was very heavy rain. The picture is the view out over the stern showing how poor visibility had become. We did not get a... read more

Farewell to Sea Piper

Janet and Royden have sold their catamaran to a couple in their thirties with two young children. When the children are a few years older the family is planning to sail around the world. They are taking possession on Saturday and Royden is sailing down to Airlee beach with them to, literally, show them the ropes. We were lucky enough to have our previous owner, Gerrit, do the same for us, and... read more

It's Too Damn Hot!! Feb 20th 2012

It’s too damn hot as the song says, and I am sorry if I sound like a whinging Pom,but  37C, 73% humidity,is  horrid! Andy from Paws said att midnight last night  it was still 35C.They dont have any air con onboard, I don't know  how they survive. The seawater is 33C, and as our water tanks in the hull are below the waterline, our tap water is warm, which is great... read more

Back In Oz Again Feb 20116

Back on Oz we have a lovely dinner party at Teresa and Johns apartment, outside on their balcony with eight of their friends. We lasted until midnight but the party went on for a few more hours. I tried out an Oculus headset attached to a cell phone. It gives you a 3d experience, with 360o of vision. I was flying over Iceland’s volcanos, I could look all around and behind me, if I looked... read more

New Years Eve 2015

Sandy has invited us to her New Years Eve  party at her house .Dave made his delicious turkey meat mini burgers, and I made smoked salmon pieces on cucmuber and cream cheese to take. We are eating  a low carb and high fat diet, which is being very successful, as  well as very delicious!!  When I took the skirt  I wanted to wear out of the cupboard it was looking a bit... read more

Blasted Birds!!

The birds are still trying to nest in the sails and boom! We cant believe it, we have stuffed towels in all the obvious places, yet they are still getting in! If you are wondering why we are making such an effort to keep them out, it is because if we let them nest there the whole deck and sails would be covered in bird shit by the time we got back from Malaysia in April! We have seen boats... read more

Christmas Spirit 2015

It’s almost Christmas so the marina held a party for all the yachties. Prizes were awarded for the best light displays on boats, and games played. Pass the Adult Parcel was amusing. When the music stopped and the parcel unwrapped there as something you had to wear, regardless of what sex you were! Pirate eye patch, necklace, tiara, brightly coloured sunglasses and purple stockings were... read more

Sailing to Picnic Bay

We were feeling a bit trapped in day to day trivia, so decided to take Pete for a sail and a night out on Maggie. With a light wind from the north, Picnic Bay was the obvious choice. We have never anchored there before, so it was good to have a seasoned pilot with us. It was important to enter the bay by the reef marker, as the reef extends much further than you would have thought. What a... read more

Back in Townsville Again 15/11

We are back in Townsville, having sailed down very fast from Fitzroy to Magnetic island in only 2 days to avoid some bad weather that was coming through. next time we should take at least a month, there are so many interesting islands to visit. It was great to catch up with all the friends we hadn't seen for 3 months and hear all their news. Jon and Teresa asked us over to dinner in their... read more

Cultural Festival

Townsville holds a Cultural Festival each August celebrating the diversity of the Pacific  people.  The Aboriginals  danced their traditional dances, many dancers imitating the animals of the region They then asked if anyone would like to join the on stage, so I and one other lady did. We were given a warm embrace from the dancers, and joined the dancing , I was a cassowary. I was... read more