The Journey 2016

Mooloolaba, Home sweet home 27th November

  Just as we were passing Noosa the sky turned grey, it started to rain, and visibility was drastically reduced. This made it hard to find the Mooloolaba entrance and lead lights, but we managed in the end. It was a strange feeling motoring up past the rock wall we used to walk along every evening when we lived here 4 years ago! Half of me was glad to be back with our friends and the... read more

Wide Bay Bar 26h Nov

Bars strike fear into mariner’s hearts at the best of times! They are an accident of nature involving build up of sand banks, wind and tide. An area o very rough water is created, that worsens with high winds and the wrong state of the tide. They need to be crossed with very low winds, and  at high tide, when the water is slack. The bete noir of bars in these parts is the Wide Bat... read more

Pelican Bay 25 th November.

  Internet intermittent. Left at 5 am this morning ,much easier sailing with a deeper channel, and a couple of hours later we were turning into Pelican Bay.  There were about 10 boats anchored in the middle, but no sign of Paul, so I rang him. He said he was moored further down, past where the ferries were berthed, in a deeper pool of water, so we attempted to join him. He... read more

Sandy Straights 24th November

  Internet- good A few pesky bushflies, and mozzies   We left at 7 to catch the tide intending to go to Gary’s Landing for the night. It wasn’t too hard to find our way between the sandbanks to the main channel from the port, but then it all got rather tricky! There was absolutely no wind or waves!! It’s not often this happens, so we might go all the way... read more

Hervey Bay

  We had our best trip down the Bruce ever, only 1 roadwork!! For those of you that don’t know the Bruce Highway between Mooloolaba and Townsville has the most number of road works I have ever seen, someone once counter 79 on that stretch! Each one you have to slow down or stop for, then fight your way to the front of grey nomads tootling along enjoying the scenery, and road trains... read more

Tilt Train To Townsville

    We needed to go back to Townsville to pick the car up and catch up with friends there. We looked at all the options, flying from Brisbane, one way car hire, and Greyhound bus. All worked out about the same price, but the train was the most convenient. We went mad and paid a bit extra  for seats that changed to beds, as it was an overnight journey. Trip advisor... read more

Supermoon Madness 14th November

What a terrible night! We watched a live stream of earthquakes in New Zealand, every couple of minutes another one was reported. Many of them were in the ‘severe’ category. and both the North and South island were effected. Other countries were also hit, Argentina, Puerto Rico, New Guinea and Japan. This is the closest the moon has been to the earth in 68 years, and it is... read more

Sandy Straights Marina 13th November

  The weather forecast is not good, rain and thunderstorms for the next few days, so we have decided to text train up Townsville on Monday night, to pick the car up and catch up with friends. I belong to face book group call Women Who Sail which is a very supportive group of women who I can turn to for advice, that occasionally give some of my own. In A few weeks after I joined a by... read more

UranganĀ  Marina, Sandy Straights

    On reflexion and with hindsight, we should have  re anchored and waited a day before setting off. The wind was stronger than forecasted, and the waves higher, they were actually level with the top of the stanchions and we surfed down them pretty fast, reaching 12 knots! Because of this it was hard to keep to the course as Jazz Cat was yawing so much, it kept looking we... read more

Bundaberg 9th November

  Excellent internet To busy parting to check out tv! We were both really tired last night, and went to bed t 8.30, so we were awake at 4 up, just as the sky was getting light. At 5, 6 people were starting their engines, hoisting sails and pulling up at anchors, almost as if an alarm had alerted everyone at the same time, we all had decided it was light enough to see the buoys... read more

Pancake Creek 8th November

Good internet, Virgin and Telstrsa Phone intermitent  We left at 5 am with only 4 knots of wind. This was surprising because a gale howled all night! We sailed with the wind behind us, which is such a treat! It strengthen during the day again and was up to 20 knots just when we didn’t need it again! It was strange to see about 10 huge ships at anchor outside Gladstone,... read more

Long beach Keppel

  Internet intermittent No phone reception After a few days in port at the very friendly marina, we decided to  Keppel. We only decided at lunchtime, but it’s only two hours away so didnt  matter that we were leaving that late. What did the matter is that the wind strengthened during the day, and when we left it was blowing 12 knots, on the sail over... read more

Things I have experienced living on board for 4 years.

  I have lived surrounded by the beauty of nature, living with the rhythms of the tides, wind and sun. Rising at first light, I have seen the sunrise, and heard the birds waking calls.  I’ve greeted each morning with excitement, wondering what this new day will bring.  I’ve caught fish, and picked delicious oysters, and eaten them straight off the rocks, relishing... read more

Yappoon 2nd October.

   Our lovely friend Henry, who used to be our neighbour in Townsville, is coming to out marina today, so we met him for a coffee this morning, and introduced Dennis and Edie to him, before they sail away. He doesn’t come here very often, so we were lucky to meet. Henty’s delightful son James joined us for a drink this afternoon, and his friend Graham, a... read more

Island Head Point 1st November

  Another 5 am start as there was a northerly wind we wanted to catch, but it was very light, and sailing was disappointing. It was a long day motoring most of the way, with very little wind. Island Head Point was worth it, what a beautiful place! Rolling hills and bay after bay of golden sand. According to out guide book there is good crabbing and oysters here as well. You could... read more