The Journey

Christchurch Rebuilding at Last!

Dave and I were reunited in Christchurch, and caught up with Lee and his family, who are living there at the moment. It was  good to see that most of the damaged houses have now been knocked down, and rebuilding has started, at last .Some of the empty areas have been planted as mini parks, others are car parks. Yes you all know that Christchurch had a series of devastating earthquakes,... read more

Melbourne for Christmas 2015

We have gone down to Melbourne for Christmas with Cheryl and our son Grant. It’s the first time that we are not the hosts, but Cheryl and Grant have never cooked a turkey before, so it is time to pass the family recipes down to them. And I just got an email from out other son, Lee, who is in the States, wanting to know how I made my bread pudding. It’s nice to feel wanted! We had a... read more

Paul Rogers and Kathy Roper, More R and R

We met Paul and Kathryn in Nellie bay Marina on Magnetic Island, they were moored next to us on their 45 foot Lagoon. Paul had a furniture wholesale business and Kathryn is a graphic designer, who also spends time now making her own stylish clothes. They have a smaller Lagoon they are chartering out on the Whitsundays ,but wanted something larger to live on board full time. Lagoons are... read more

In Search of the Elusive Bower Bird Bower

I drove Terresa and John down to the Garden of Remberance ,and there it was, hidden in the shrubs, the elusive Bower Bird bower, at last!! I would never have found it! They only found it because the bird was making a lot of noise and they went to investigate. It was larger than I thought, about two foot high, and this bird thought that either white or red , or maybe even a touch of green would... read more

Nellie Bay Marina

6th Nov Back at Magnetic Island, staying at Horseshoe tonight, but not protected in a northerly, so going into Nelly Bay Marina and catching up for lunch with Sand Piper and Peter. As we were turning into the marina a flock of eight black cockatoos flew overhead. They are big birds with very destructive habits, you don’t want them landing in your garden as they will strip leaves and... read more

We Caught A Fish!

Nov 4th Left Fitz at first light in a gentle norwesterly breeze, with calm water. It was a warm sunny day and we made good time. We decided to have another  go at fish catching, and keeping it this time. Dave used his new imitation squid lure, and was successful after an hour. This time we slowed the boat down and reeled him in, he was much larger than we expected!! And stunningly... read more

Rough Seas from Cairns to Fitzroy

29th Oct We have Grant and Cheryl joining us for a few days to celebrate Cheryl’s birthday. Cheryl and Grant are getting married in March, and we are delighted to have such a wonderful, caring , beautiful, and intelligent young lady join our family.  We have hired a car and will go to Port Douglas for the day and, depending on the weather , we hope to take them snorkelling... read more

Rain and Squalls

20oct The weather forecast was very wrong!! We chose the worst day of the year to go out, I think! We thought it was just going to be the odd shower, like all the previous days this month, but oh no, just rain and more rain! Left Fitz in a downpour of rain at 8 am. Visibility was so bad we couldn’t see the mainland, so we used the radar. The wind was from astern so we put up the... read more

Back at Fitzroy November

It’s lovely being back here, it’s very quiet, not many visitors on the island, and only three boats anchored in the bay. It is cooler and less humid so walking is more pleasant. In Port Douglas we woke up several times at night tossing duvets off because we were too hot, then getting cold and pulling them back on again. This weather is strange, it has rained almost every day, at... read more

Birds Nests

We seem to be a bird magnet When ever we drop anchor a couple of little birds join us. Their favourite place seems to be under the bow on the anchor chain. When we leave they take flight and escort us out of the bay, then fly off looking for another safe haven. I am not sure why they like it there, maybe they know there are no predators. They don’t seem to mind us banging around above... read more

Dancing the night away in Port Douglas

Peter came up to Cairns to visit his friends, and we rented a car and met him there for a delicious lunch overlooking the harbour and hills. He kindly bought our mail up from Townsville. After lunch I found a piano for them to have a play together, Peter has really mastered  this instrument, as well as the guitar. We did some shopping in Cairns, including Rusty’s market of... read more

A Trip Into The Mangroves

Yesterday we took a trip up the river in the paddle steamer, Lady Douglas.. I hadn’t been all that keen to see two hours of mangroves, but Mark, Jenny and Dave wanted to go, so I decided to join them. I am so glad I did, as it was so much more interesting than I had imagined. We were given champagne and nibbles to eat, and kept well informed by our guides. We passed about five wrecked... read more


There was a supermoon last night, where the moon and earth are at their closest. So the moon appears larger and brighter than usual. We arranged to meet Jenny and Veronica on the beach to watch the moon rise. Unfortunately it was cloudy so we couldn’t see this, so we adjoined to a nearby restaurant to imbibe cocktails and chat. Every now and again the full moon made an appearance and... read more

Mossman Gorge

Mossman Gorge is verdant ancient rainforest with a boulder strewn river running through it. Walking tracks meander through the towering trees and bio diverse vegetation. There are many trees with the biggest buttress roots I have ever seen., some were taller than me! Dave spotted a root coming from one that snaked a good 100 feet over the ground before we lost sight of it! It was as thick as my... read more

Low Isles Sept 2015

This morning we left early to visit the Low Isles, a 2 hour sail from the marina in Port Douglas.  Actually it was a motor as there was no wind at all. We picked up a mooring, not very successfully, I was steering and should have come up wind to it, but we were not sure how much water we had, so I cam downwind, and was not able to steer as I was going so slow, so I didn’t get the... read more