South America 2015

Peru and Mexico

Peru and Mexico Peru has six hundred miles of Atacama desert along its shore. We took a tour into a part of it, there was not a living thing in sight.. It is a salty desert, so nothing seems to grow in it at all, but it does have some great fossils embedded in the sand. On the rare occasions it does rain though. There is an amazing carpet if flowers stretching for miles But now it was just... read more

Terra Del Fuego and Chile

Terra Del Fuego The next stop was Terra Del Fuego, probably the prettiest port I have ever seen with brightly coloured houses creeping up a forested mountainside with snow capped peaks. I asked the locals, what made them paint the houses such bright colours, and they told me that it was because the land was covered in snow nine months of the year, and they wanted, desperately, to see some... read more

Argentina and the Falklands

Argentina We learnt the tango and milonghi on board, lessons every day and dancing to a five piece tango band at night, so were thrilled to stop  at Buenos Aires. In the morning we went to a very   picturesque area of town called La Boca. Here there were stalls selling clothes and food, artists were painting, and evrywhere tango dancers. There tango was danced in the... read more

Rio, Brazil

We then visited Rio, Brazil , where it was the last night of the carnival . We spent the first day going up to the Christ and taking in the beautiful view from the top of the mountain. You look down on the city, and accross to the favellas which climb up the steep sides of the mountains. These were the really dangerous parts of the city, inhabited by drug dealers and their gangs. The police... read more

Salvador, Brazil

We were very excited because the nextstop was Salavador, Brazil, the country I had wanted to visit for thirty years, the land of samba!Latin American music makes you just want to get up and dance, it is so joyful. As we left the ship we were met by some very beautiful ladies who were samba dancing on the quay. And some interesting  looking men!! One of the biggest... read more

Antigua and St Lucia

We had intended to fly to Peru and take a tour around the area, visit Mach Pitchu, do the usual sites, but I was  still not fit enough for all the travel we had planned. So we booked a last minute cruise, that visited many South American countries in six weeks. The cruise ship was huge,, three and a half thousand passengers! If you found someone you liked, unless you took their cabin... read more

Mexico Decenber 2015

Christmas 2014-South America Now I know I have left it a bit to write about this, but it was such an amazing experience I don’t want to forget it! I couldn’t record it at the time as I took my small tablet computer with me, and I couldn’t import photos. Then on the cruise the satellite connected internet was so expensive,[over one thousand  dollars during the six week... read more