People and their Boats

Cathy and Pete on Set Free

Set Free is a 50 foot steel sloop with a centre cockpit. She sleeps 6 – 8 people, with the master cabin and head in the stern. She cruises easily at an average of 7 – 8 knots under sail and motors along nicely at 6, using the 89 horse power Lister engine.   Pete, a carpenter by trade, is an experienced sailor, he’s sailed from Auckland to Albany, Sydney and around... read more

John and Dargonfly

John is an affable man, all ways ready with a joke or funny story, often of his own exploits. He lives on board Dragonfly, a North Shore 38 foot monohull he bought in Sydney and sailed up the coast. Her average cruising sped is 7 knots, and there is a 29 horse power Yanma for backup. John enjoys racing and has competed at Magnetic Island and Port Douglas race weeks, and races most Wednesday... read more

Ken and Rhonda Mystique and Shag Islet Sailing Club

  We has heard about the fabulous Shag Islet Yacht Club, it is famous in yachting circles. We were surprised when a friendly yachtie chatted to us as he passed our boat in Airlie Mariner turned out to be Ken and Rhonda, the founders of the famous club. We had sundowners with them, and were impressed   with how much they had achieved in 7 years. Ken was snubbed at a yacht... read more

Sandy and Tony on Electric Dreams

Tony has been building boats since he was 12 years old. His first one was made from a couple of pieces of corrugated iron, with a sheet for a sale. Over the years the boats became larger and faster, culminating in a catamaran he and Sandy modified to make their comfortable home. Tony was the Director for the ABC in the Northern Territory and Sandy a   primary school teacher. They... read more

Andy and Fat Boy Slim

Andy and Fat Boy Slim Fat Boy Slim is a good description, this cat has very wide hulls, but a thins down where it meets the water, she is built for speed! We met Andy in the bar the first night we were in Port Dickson, and he was a mine of information on the area. I would have liked to learn more from him, but the music was so loud it was hard to talk. He did tell me he had been... read more

Condesa Del Mar

Condesa Del Mar is owned by Jenny and Mark Gaskell Condesa is a Herreshoff Schooner, 73 feet long, made from ferrocrete, cement ,and weighing 42 tons!! She was built in 1970, but not finished until 1990. Going on board is to step back to a bygone age where everything has been crafted with love and care. The décor is inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement, with beautiful wood... read more

Holy Cow

Holy Cow-John and Kim Clinton Holy Cow is a 50ft French built Beneteau Oceanis  monohull that the owners sail ,and race, up and down the coast from Sydney to Port Douglas each year. She is very distinctive with her black splodges on hull and headsail, bright lime green waterline and cow logo. She even has a ‘Moo’ horn, which I look forward to hearing! John and Kim... read more


Tony and Cathy live on board Maimiti, a compass 38, which thtey bought on ;93, tho the first boat he bought was when he was 28 years old, a 32 foot Forest. He  likes the Australian lifestyle of working for a while, then going off playing for a few months. Having been working here for 3 years they are going off cruising next March and we will most certainly miss them. Emigrating from New... read more

Nils and Mayte

Nils and Mate are a delightful couple who have a beautiful 45 foot Lightwave, a catamaran built for fast cruising with an average cruising speed of 8-9 knots, though they have gone much faster. She is a very seaworthy boat and they have been out in 50 knots wind in her, which was 'not a lot of fun.' They galley is downstairs, along with two double cabins on the bridge deck, and one in... read more

Liz and Wayne Taylor

The last 10 years Wayne has spent  building his 14 meter aluminum Simpson catamaran, trying to find the time when he is not running his demanding instrumentation company. He is very meticulous and has made everything himself, even including the cleats and life lines. He also finds time to help out fiends with their boats, he made a handle for our seacock but it his has further delayed his... read more

James and Dawn

James and Dawn and their yacht Azzan We met James and Dawn in Mourilyan , they came round for sundowners and brought some delicious cooked crab they had caught that morning. They were heading south to over cyclone in Tin Can Bay, while we were still heading north. Azzan is a Roberts 370, the name is Hebrew for 'strong'. The couple decided to take 3 years off work to take the boat on the... read more

Sam on Blue Horizon

Sam Kazak Sam has a  40 ft Riviera motor boat called Blue Horizon, with two Caterpillar engines she has a cruising speed of 8 knots When he was 29 he bought the boat after working at the mines. as a welder,and a mechanic, both useful trades when owning a boat!! Making some astute investments Sam is semi -retired., and at 30, he is circumnavigating Australia, then going sailing abroad with... read more

Dennis and Edie

Dennis Bigg and Edie Anderson on Tellurian Tellurian is a 44 ft Roberts ketch with 3 double cabins. I was immediately struck by her great design which gives a feeling of light and space, yet has so much storage! The galley is the largest I have seen on a monohull this size. Yet she is very speedy under sail, as we I've noticed when we sail with her. Dennis is a retired bus driver, and... read more


Excalibur  is a  Cal 30 ,the fourth boat Peter has owned, and he is in the process of refurbishing her. He is a very practical person and enjoys working with wood, he once built a wooden recumbent bicycle, while living in Germany. His boat is a sloop with a distinctive pink spinnaker. Peter also boat- sits a luxury seventy  foot motor cruiser owned by an Australian... read more

Bikes, not boats

I know this should be about people and their boats, but this family were  doing something so different i wanted to share it with you. In town today I started talking to a couple, Pat and Meg,with two tandems, a toddler ,Woody, and a dog, Zero. They told me they had cycled up from south Victoria the past nine months, sleeping in tents, living off the land, hunting with a bow and arrow... read more