New Zealand

Queenstown 1st August 2016

 We have been to  Queenstown a couple of times in the summer, but never in the winter,. The town is nestled into the snow covered Southern Alps and around Lake   Wakatipu, The town is well known for it’s adventure sport, this was one of the original bungy jumping sites. In spite of the cold we saw people paragliding on the lake. But mainly it’s the skiing and... read more

Snow Farm August 2016

  I love cross country, Nordic skiing; I don’t do so well on a snow board. We had several wonderful skiing holidays with our Swedish and Norwegian friends .The last one was about thirty years ago. Dave isn’t quite so keen, and is more concerned about breaking something. We  extended our stay down in Queenstown so that Lee can  could join Grant  heli boarding.... read more

The Ice Bar

We had an a delicious lunch beside the lake today, then went to the Ice Bar. This was inspired by the ice hotel in Sweden, that is built each winter, and melts in the spring. We were given heavy jackets and fur boots and taken into  pine lined room for our briefing. We were told it was a bit colder than the usual -6C, more like –9C, and we were allowed to touch the ice, but had to... read more

Christchurch July 2016

  We have had a wonderful couple of weeks staying with Lee and his family in Christchurch, part work and part pleasure. There is a more optomistic feel in the city, with lots of building going on, though I am not sure locals are too happy with the up market glass enclosed bus station that looks like a five star hotel. I am sur they would rather have had a less expensive building, and... read more