The Cat On the Cat

  Masey is Grant’s and Cheryl’s cat, they brought her with them because it was going to cost $400 to send her to a cattery for 2 weeks!! That was the same price as her airfare from Melbourne to Maroochydore, so they decided to bring her. Most of the time she is very sweet, but she does not like to be picked up or carried, and will slash and spit! Masey isn’t the... read more

Woodford Folk Festival

  Woodford is the southern hemispheres answer to Glastonbury, but set in forested hills deep in the countryside. There is a huge variety of music, blues, rock, jazz, country, folk and international styles. But it is also comedy, circus, dance, art, yoga, tai chi, lantern making and so much more. Every minute of the day there are so many choices to make, do I take the Persian dance... read more

Christmas Day 2016

 Grant and Cheryl  are staying with us for a couple of weeks, and they bought their cat, Masey with them. She wasn’t very happy at first and explored with a very worried look on her face, but she has settled down now and is very good.     We drove to Coulandra  yesterday and had a delicious lunch on the beach. The beach is a great surfing beach, it had... read more

Christmas Boat Parade

  Every year boats are garlanded with lights and sail up and down the canals. As we are on the end of the finger, we have one o the best views, so we invited Margaret, Liz, and her 2 adorable children Maddie and Dylan to join us. The children were especially excited to be on a boat and explored her with enthusiasm! The boat parade lasted several hours and we were very impressed with... read more