Magnetic Island

On Our Way,At Last!!

Sandy and Scott joined us for the trip over to Magnetic Island. They were the perfect crew, willing to learn and help, arriving with loads of food and wine. Scott did a great job steering the boat most of the way. That night we had our farewell party, John and Eileen from Dragonfly joined us, along with Peter and his three South American friends he had sailing with him. We played some... read more

Carlos and Indi

Indi, sitting on Carlos's shoulders managed to catch a butterfly. read more

Butterfly walk

Butterflies The next morning Peter showed us the Butterfly Walk  behind the Horseshoe Bay shops. Carlos, Sydney and Indi, his two adorable children, from Sea Monkey joined us as well. We turned off the road into native bush with , ferns ,grasses. and towering giant Bird Of Paradises And butterflies, hundreds of them, flying in the dappled light, the sun catching their glowing colours read more


This is my headboard covered in cloth. read more

A great weekend

We have had such a great weekend. We motored over to Magnetic Island as there wasn’t much wind. Peter came with us, with his guitar, and it's always great to have his company. He joined us for dinner that night and afterwards we took the instruments on deck and played under the stars. We were moored well away from the other boats so I don’t think we disturbed anyone.On Sunday we... read more


When we bought Jazz Cat we decided that we would each have a hull and decorate as we each wanted. The wooden headboards were dark and uncomfortable to lean against. This is the before photo. read more

Back in Townsville

We are back up in Townsville after a very hectic couple of months getting the house ready to rent out. After a 3 day drive up the coast we arrived here pretty exhausted. We were met with a very pleasant surprise. Our dear friend Peter, who had been keeping an eye on the boat for us , had cleaned inside, washed the decks, made the beds, made a delicious home made soup for our lunch, supplied a... read more

Magnetic Island

Our son Grant came up to visit us before he started his new job. Although we had been reluctant to leave the sanctuary of the marina. We decided that the least we could do is spend the night on Magnetic Island.  The tides were not with us as we were around low tide on a low tide at about the time that Grant normally gets up.  It was a beautiful day though and despite the wind being a... read more